Backyard Duck Ponds

There are a lot of ways to take a plain, boring backyard and transform it into a stylish, decorative, and inviting outdoor space. Read on to learn how to build a duck house on a pond.

From unique patio designs to functional landscaping, every part of your backyard can be customized to meet your individual style. Of the seemingly endless options to put in your backyard, water features are some of the most beautiful and varied. A properly designed and well-placed water feature can instantly make any backyard look more vibrant and lively. One backyard water feature that more and more homeowners are finding intriguing is a duck pond.

A backyard duck pond is not only a water feature; it adds natural elements to your backyard as well. By adding a duck pond to your property, you can introduce nature to your backyard in a way that is both organic and attractive. Duck ponds can add so much to your yard and really turn an existing space into a natural oasis. So for that reason, here are some other advantages of making a duck pond in your backyard. For more information on how to make or build a duck pond and other projects for your yard, visit SANI-TRED.


If you’re looking for a space to relax and take in the natural scenery, building a backyard duck pond is the perfect option. After a long day you can relax out in your backyard and watch the water, plants, and animals interact in a serene, calming environment.


Duck ponds are also beneficial to the surrounding environment, providing a seasonal habitat for the ducks, and can even function as a watering hole for any other animals you may have. This kind of backyard addition can be an oasis for both you and your animals.

Increased Value

In addition to their relaxation and conservation benefits, duck ponds can also help increase the value of your home. By improving your home, you’re adding value to your investment. A duck pond can add value by bringing an aesthetic and functional space to your backyard, thereby increasing your home’s value overall.

The SANI-TRED® Solution

One of the ways how to build a duck pond is by containing it with a concrete form. Concrete is a durable material that is used for ponds, pools, fountains, and other water features and is a great material to use for your duck pond. The key to building an effective duck pond is keeping it filled with water. Use SANI-TRED® to coat and waterproof your concrete and enjoy your DIY duck pond for many years to come.

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