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What is Hydroponics? Hydroponics are water-based plant growing systems that are rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. Hydroponic systems are used in residential and commercial environments with designs ranging from basic DIY projects to large factory farming operations, each with their own requirements. Tip: Hydroponic systems work best for plants that need a lot …

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Water Garden and Fountain Care in Winter and Spring

If your backyard has a water garden, you know the intrinsic beauty and calming atmosphere that come with them. Water gardens are relaxing, serene water features that can turn any backyard into a peaceful oasis. But to keep your water garden calm and peaceful, you need to keep it maintained. Water gardens are mostly self-regulating …

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Saltwater Aquarium Sealing with Sani-Tred

Recently we discovered this Saltwater Aquarium Waterproofing Project that was sealed using Sani-Tred by Jarred Sadowski. He said, “I decided to start this project partly because it was always a curiosity of mine on how reef tanks were built. I always loved watching salt water fish when visiting the aquarium.” FISH TANK SEALANT: 20″ high …

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