Golf Course Concrete Sidewalk Repair

The Problem

Recently HC Products in Canada was approached by a golf course to repair some concrete that was a real eyesore. The public course with a private touch, Savannah Golf Links is your gateway to Cambridge’s idyllic golf paradise. Centrally located near Hamilton, Kitchener, Guelph and other Ontario cities.

Weathered concrete at the front entrance to the club house has caused pitting in the concrete, as well, a crack extending from the corner of the building across the entire slab. Not only was the customer was looking for a repair of the pitting and crack with sidewalk repair products, but a presentable front entrance to be suitable for the prestigious golf club Savannah Links has become.


To use the Sani-Tred system containing Permaflex and LRB with a 500% elongation to repair the concrete sidewalk crack and ensure it will not come back. Next use a concrete overlay to repair the pitting and to create the architectural appearance the customer desired.


The materials have had a strong lasting effect without any signs that any pitting or cracks will return after this DIY concrete sidewalk repair.

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