Hidden Causes of Water Damage

There are many hidden causes of water damage in your home, which can be a huge problem. Water can lead to all kinds of bothersome and expensive repairs, something no one wants. Because of this, homeowners take special care to keep their homes free of excess water to prevent the damage it can cause.

It’s reasonably easy to protect your house against water damage you see coming, but what are the hidden causes of water damage? Here are a few we’ve found so you’ll know what to look for.


Harsh weather is harsh on your house. Flooding from excess snow and rain can do severe damage to your home. Most homes are built to withstand average weather conditions, but every homeowner should take precautions to protect their home against severe weather conditions to keep water out.


Proper maintenance of household appliances is a good rule of thumb in general, but it can also prevent damage in the long run. Appliances break down over time and allowing a water heater or a washing machine to leak can cause much bigger water damage issues than just replacing an appliance.


Probably the most obvious cause of water damage, plumbing is also the hardest to catch. The reality is most homeowners don’t catch leaks until they’ve been leaking for a while, which can lead to much bigger water damage over time. Keep a watchful eye on areas where you know plumbing exists to catch signs of leaks early so they don’t get the chance to get worse.

Heating and Air Conditioners

A mindful homeowner should also maintain heating and air conditioning systems to prevent future water issues. Both heating and air conditioners rely on water and moisture to work and keeping them clean and free of leaks can prevent a whole host of problems down the road.


Any home with a basement has a built-in water issue. Basements are renown for leaking and flooding due to their placement underground. Moisture and outside water pressure contribute to a moist, humid, and wet environment underneath a house. This build up can cause a lot of water-related problems over time if you don’t take steps to inspect and protect your house on a regular basis.

The Sani-Tred Solution

The good news is Sani-Tred can fix many of these problems and waterproof your home. Sani-Tred is a high quality waterproofing material that can protect virtually any surface from water damage. If your basement needs waterproofing, Sani-Tred permanently waterproofs concrete surfaces, protecting your home from water damage. Use Sani-Tred to protect your home from water damage and keep your basement dry.


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