Internal Manhole Sealing System Advantages

The SANI-TRED Internal Manhole Sealing System Advantages

Internal Manhole Sealing System

(Advantages with nothing left to desire)


The SANI-TRED system installation is not only the most effective manhole sealing system available but it is also the most economical and cost efficient system on the market due to direct, bulk, product supply, high rate equipment application methods and unique marketing concepts.


The SANI-TRED time studied system is the fastest and most efficient system of installation possible. Over 5 times faster than other coating application systems!  Our internal waterproofing product allows even the largest city manhole rehabilitation project goals to be completed, decades ahead of schedule and tens of millions of $$ under budget. Fast installation assures water treating savings, installation economy, minimum public inconvenience and traffic interruption.


The SANI-TRED system completely seals and eliminates all water inflow, in all areas sealed, guaranteed, we don’t just “slow it down” as some old technology cementicious products do. SANI-TRED manhole sealing system may be hand applied or spray applied, and conforms to any off-set adjustment ring chimney shape, inverted ring or gross deteriorated condition. Every SANI-TRED installation is guaranteed to exceed ASTM C 1244-93 vacuum testing specifications.


The SANI-TRED system is permanent, with permanent flexibility designed to last the life of the structure regardless of heavy vehicle traffic and freeze-thaw cycles. No need for future refurbishment or SANI-TRED manhole sealing system maintenance, there is none!


When you look into a SANI-TRED rehabilitated manhole, what you don’t see is the most important feature. Immediately upon a glance it is obvious that “this manhole doesn’t leak inflow.” SANI-TRED’s internal waterproofing product is bright white in color affording maximum inspection visibility of even the deepest manholes without the need for artificial lighting. This light color is truly the sign of a well maintained sanitary manhole system that is not only good looking but practical by providing optimum inspection visibility to satisfy the most discriminating manager or inspector.

Provides Corrosion Resistance

Eliminates future corrosion of cast iron, steel, aluminum from hydrogen sulfide and road salts


Any ground water leaks, if there were any after a SANI-TRED installation, would be instantly visible as mineral deposit staining on the light colored surface. This combined with the low cost, quickness and ease of installation makes SANI-TRED the most practical system possible for large scale rehabilitation projects. SANI-TRED provides shock absorbing interior manhole chimney surface protection from heavy traffic pounding and freeze/thaw degeneration of interior chimney area surfaces without failure.


Only experienced and trained crews under manufacturer’s direct and constant field supervision may apply the SANI-TRED manhole system and our own rigid standards of installation, workmanship and finished quality meets or exceeds the expectations of even the most discriminating inspectors.

Easily Repaired, Easy Chimney Grade Re-Adjustments

The ability of hand application along with the ability to molecularly bond new to old is one of SANI-TRED’s many defining quality bench marks that makes it so unique and a perfect product for manhole adjustment ring seals. Damage repair or grade adjustments molecularly bond or weld new to old which is unique to the SANI-TRED internal waterproofing products and system. Other products do not bond new to old forming only new layers allowing leaking opportunities in repairs or grade adjustments.


There is no such thing as a properly applied SANI-TRED manhole seal field failure. All properly applied manhole sealing installations are done right from the first time on the first day by qualified installation professionals. SANI-TRED manhole seals may be installed year round and are unaffected by humidity, or below freezing temperatures during and after cure.

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