Off The Wall Coating Remover

Removal of most previous applied paints and coatings is made easy using Sani-Tred's Off The Wall Coating Remover. Off The Wall Coating Remover is a non-hazardous, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, water-soluble stripper that will not burn your skin. Off The Wall Coating Remover can be brushed or rolled (approx 150 sq’ per gal average estimated coverage rate). Once applied, give it time to break down the previous applied material, and simply strip the surface using a pressure washer. A pressure washer producing at least 3,500 p.s.i. using a "zero orbital" tip is suggested for maximum efficiency. It is recommended to first apply a test spot to determine the ideal application rate with the paint you are trying to remove. Some paints may be more or less chemical resistant to paint stripping products.

Off The Wall Coating Remover Applied on Paint:


Stripping Paint With Pressure Washer


Paint Completely Stripped


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