Painting Rusty Metal

Looking for ways how to paint rusty metal? Painting rusty metal with a typical paint usually becomes very rusty again over time. With our paint for rust product, Permaflex, that’s not the case. Permaflex bonds like crazy to rough/porous surfaces and since the nature of rust is rough, it becomes a perfect surface for a lasting bond with Permaflex.Close-up before

Last weekend, I was looking at my gas meter and the gas pipes that go into my home and I noticed how rusty the pipes where becoming. I had some old black and some old white Permaflex on hand and decided that I would make my own “gray” coating out of what I had to take care of the rust problem.  BTW, Permaflex has an extremely long shelf life. The old, white 5-gallon liquid rubber pail of Permaflex that I had on hand was probably over 2 years old and when I pulled it out, I noticed that the lid on it wasn’t sealed down tight . . . I’ll blame that on one of my old workers :)

Permaflex will only set-up so thick and over time in the bucket it (without a lid on it) will form a skin on the surface . . . and that’s exactly what happened for me and my white pail. My white Permeflex formed its own “lid” over the top of the product and all I had to do was to peel the rubbery lid off and start mixing!

When you paint rusty metal with Permaflex, make sure that you have no loose or crumbling/flaking rust. All bond breakers such as paints or any other previously applied products and oils need to be removed to ensure a permanent bond between the paint and rust. Here are some pictures of that small (but successful) Permaflex liquid rubber coating project of painting rusty metal.

Rusty Gas Meter & Pipe Gas Meter & Pipe - Permaflexed

Rusted Gas Meter & Pipe - Painted


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