Dust Grabber

The Sani-Tred Dust Grabber does much more than collect dust from your clean-up site. Using the Dust Grabber on your grinder helps to create a safer work environment by eliminating 99% of dust. It works simply, has a lifetime replacement warranty and helps you get the job done without causing surface damage.

Why Use a Dust Shroud on Your Concrete Grinder?

Our devices are built with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. We know that sometimes you have to cut, grind, sand or otherwise manipulate surfaces before they can be prepped and waterproofed. Concrete grinders are abrasive by nature, but this can create surface damage that then has to be patched and repaired. Our dust shrouds have a patented suction lock system that allows the grinder to float across the surface preventing damage.

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