SANI-TRED Permaflex allows you to waterproof most construction surfaces, keeping concrete, wood, steel and even some plastics protected. Permaflex is simple to use, safe for the environment and lasts a lifetime.

Permaflex is a liquid polyurethane waterproofing coating. In layman’s terms, it is liquid rubber waterproof product. This rubberized coating can be applied to surfaces using rollers or brushes for small jobs. Permaflex can even be applied with spray nozzles for larger areas. Once applied, Permaflex bonds with the material, creating a rubber coating that repels water and any other liquids. Permaflex makes surfaces last longer. It also makes them easier to clean!

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Using Permaflex keeps outdoor materials from becoming damaged by the elements. Wood decks and outdoor stairwells that are coated with Permaflex won't split or splinter from regular rain. Permaflex also helps to keep wood products from developing mold or mildew. No matter where you live, waterproofing your deck will increase its lifespan. This saves you an enormous amount of money over time. Concrete fountains, ponds and swimming pools also benefit from Permaflex. You can permanently keep surfaces from cracking, peeling and bubbling.

Permaflex waterproofing coating is not just for outdoors. Basements often experience leaks, mildew and mustiness from groundwater. Using Permaflex on a basement keeps that groundwater from seeping in. You can protect your home from water damage and protect your family from mold with one coat of Permaflex.

Sani-Tred Permaflex waterproof product is available in a number of colors, guaranteed to work with any environment. Look for dark tan, gray, black and white. You can try to match Permaflex with your existing materials or try a contrasting shade. White is perfect for pools and fountains, giving your water feature a pristine look and feel. Black hides dirt and imperfections, making it a good choice for driveways and garage floors. Gray and dark tan work well anywhere. Decks, basements, animal pen floors, underground waterproofing and much more.

Permaflex is also great for repairs. Use small amounts to seal cracks or patch holes. Use it as an adhesive in your construction and do-it-yourself projects. Basically, if you can think of a use for Permaflex, it will probably work.

Permaflex is available in one quart, one gallon and five gallon sizes. You can also try out Permaflex with our mini sample packs. The sample pack includes one-half pint of Permaflex along with a trial size of LRB (Liquid Rubber Base) and TAV (Thickening Activator). These products are so popular and so useful that we back your trial size purchase up with a double-your-money-back guarantee.

Still not sure? Call one of our helpful representatives. We will help you decide how much Permaflex you need for your job. We can also offer helpful tips on how to use Permaflex. We will talk to you about our other products as well, as some jobs may be greatly improved with LRB and/or TAV.

Call us today at 1-866-784-3308 or order direct from our website. No job is too big or too small for Permaflex.

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