All Purpose DIY Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an important part of owning your home. For interior and exterior spaces, bathrooms to basements, keeping your home waterproof is a great way to protect your investment. Water is a common threat for every home, so why take the risk of allowing it to damage your home? Put simply, you need to waterproof your home. Don’t let water damage your home and cause costly repairs later. Protect your home with SANI-TRED’s all-purpose waterproof coating. Waterproofing is vital for many parts of your home, so here are some examples of how you can use our DIY waterproof system to improve your home.

Pool Decks

Waterproofing your pool deck is one of the greatest things you can do for your pool. Pool decks handle a lot of water on a consistent basis and with the right waterproof coating; your concrete pool will be protected for many years to come.


Basements deal with more water than any other part of your home. Keeping your concrete basement walls and floor waterproof is a necessity to prevent flooding and water damage. Protect your basement from water intrusion with a high performance waterproofing system.


Protecting your driveway comes in many forms. Your driveway handles a lot and needs to be waterproofed and protected like everywhere else in your home. Keep your driveway protected against foot and vehicle traffic, road salts, rain, and more with a quality concrete coating.


Much like your driveway, your garage handles quite a lot and needs to be protected. If you want a highly functional, safe, and waterproof floor, choose a flooring system that can do it all efficiently.  

Fountains and Ponds

Waterproofing backyard ponds and fountains is a key part of keeping your outdoor area decorative and functional. Protect your ponds and fountains from cracks, holes, and leaks so you can enjoy your water features without worry.

The SANI-TRED® Solution

SANI-TRED® is a high performance all-purpose waterproof coating that works to protect your home from top to bottom. Whether it’s your busy driveway or your vulnerable basement, SANI-TRED® can effectively waterproof your home. Get the amazing protection of SANI-TRED®, the best waterproofing system on the market today.

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