Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes are rapidly gaining popularity as a unique, customizable, and environmentally friendly building material. Brick, mortar, and wood are still the standard building materials for most buildings, but more and more people are looking to new alternatives when building their homes.

One material that is slowly gaining popularity for home building is shipping containers. Shipping containers are large steel containers used to transport freight over long distances via boat or train. More and more people are finding new and exciting ways to re-purpose these shipping containers into the building blocks for a free standing home.

Storage container houses are growing in popularity as people realize the benefits and customizable options of this unique building material.

The Benefits of Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers are made of steel and are free standing. This means you can connect shipping containers together and cut out part of the walls while the main structure is still supported by the steel frame. This can create a large, strong structure without the need for additional structure reinforcement.

Shipping container homes are cheaper to build than traditional homes. Used shipping containers can be bought for as little $1,500 apiece and each container is structurally sound. You will also save money on construction costs as the prefabricated containers are easier to install.

Shipping containers are made of steel and are capable of withstanding harsh weather, making them a good option in areas prone to hurricanes.

Are shipping containers waterproof? Yes, they are. These waterproof shipping containers are a sustainable housing option and require less structural maintenance than traditional stick building.

Important Things to Consider about Shipping Container Homes

  1. Know where to purchase a quality shipping container. Shipping containers come in different sizes and quality. Be sure to buy a container that is in good condition and not rusted or filled with holes.
  2. Learn local building regulations and plan your home accordingly. Building codes apply to all types of homes and you should know what they require of your home before you start building.
  3. Find a contractor with previous experience building shipping container homes. Shipping container homes use a different method of construction and you’ll be better off with a contractor who has experience in this method.
  4. Remember to waterproof. Storage container houses are just like any other house and will need to be waterproofed. Use Sani-Tred and give your shipping container home a sustainable waterproofer just as strong as the home it’s protecting.

How to Buy a Used Shipping Container

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