Swimming Pool Resurfacing In Bermuda 45 Years Old

Cory Powell from Renew Bermuda recently sent us pictures of a swimming pool restoration that included Sani-Tred products. A 45+ year old concrete pool was completely renovated. Major repairs were addressed, coping stone was removed and original cement render throughout was removed. Once repairs were made, they followed our guidelines with regard to Permaflex and LRB joints and seems being filled followed with a 2 coat application of SANI-TRED Permaflex throughout as well as to the coping. A double overcoat of 2 part white epoxy was then coated to the interior with pink tinted epoxy to the coping stone.

The Sani-Tred Solution: Resurface don’t demolish your pool

Have an old pool that’s an eyesore. Don’t backfill or demolish it. Sani-Tred can transform your cracked old pool into a background oasis in a weekend. Pool restoration is way cheaper than demolition. To find out more call 1-866-784-3308 or visit https://sanitred.com/swimming-pool-repair-waterproofing/ today.


2 thoughts on “Swimming Pool Resurfacing In Bermuda 45 Years Old”

  1. Your finished pool looks stunning. It’s clear from your first picture just how involved these projects are–I like how you stripped all of the old surface down completely. How long does a remodeling project like this normally take?

  2. It took us roughly 1 month due to the amount of remedial works that were required to revive the walls and coping stone. The Sanitred took about 5 days to install with epoxy overcoats included.

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