Sanitred : Waterproof Your Basement This Spring!

Spring is finally here, and although some of us are catching up to the warmer weather and others are still getting snow, the hope is spring will come soon. Regarding you basement the time is now to start checking for cracks now so you can find any potential foundation cracks or leakage.

Now is the time to start checking your foundation so that you are not surprised with a flooding basement with the first snow melt or rainstorm. Here are the steps to take.

1. Perform an exterior inspection of your home. Are there any cracks forming at or just above ground level? Are your gutter downspouts connected and extended at least 4 feet from your home? How well does the soil grade away from your home?

2. Complete an interior sweep. Are your sump pumps working well? Should you consider a battery backup pump? Are there any new cracks forming on the walls or floor, or has the foundation begun to bow or shift at all? Is there any potential for leaky window or door frames?

Now is the time to prepare for an hour to make sure your home is ready for the spring storms. This will help you prepare ahead and make any repairs before you have a flooded basement. Sanitred waterproofing systems are great products to use if you find any cracks in the basement ceiling or basement walls.

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