Waterproofing Membrane – What Else Can It Do?

SaniTred’s PermaFlex product is not only a basement waterproofing proPool Deck Coating - GraniFlexduct, but a one-of-a-kind flexible membrane that does much more than just waterproof your basement walls.

PermaFlex waterproofing membrane has been used for years as a permanent waterproofing swimming pool liner, a water-tight roof coating, an animal habitat flexible floor coating, a crack repair product, a parking garage coating . . .  and more recently,  used in a decorative color flake/sand flooring application for interior and exterior projects.  We call our decorative version of PermaFlex . . . GraniFlex!

GraniFlex gives contractors (& motivated homeowners) the ability to quickly and permanently transform their old and ugly concrete slab into a unique and tough colorful “Granite-looking” surface that is not only beautiful to look at but can function as a shield against further damage from the elements.

Pool decks, driveways, sidewalks and more are perfect locations for the GraniFlex system. The fact that PermaFlex will penetrate into the concrete slab and cure-out as tough as vehicle tires – makes this system one coating system that cannot be beat when you fully understand that the membrane can never become brittle over time like most coating products!

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