What Causes Leaky Basements?

Where Do Basement Leaks Come From?

Got A Leaky Basement?

You’ve all been in that position where you walk down into your newly finished basement or even your unfinished basement expecting to get some work or play accomplished and step into a large puddle of water. The red flags go off and maybe a choice word or two emerges from your mouth followed by the inevitable question ‘how did this happen?’

You’re not alone in asking this and there are many possible causes of basement leaks and floor water seepage. So how did this unwelcome water get into your basement?

Cracks and Holes

Yes, cracks and holes. Depending on the age of the house there may be several cracks in the foundations. The most obvious place where such cracks and holes could exist would be in any basement windows and surrounding frames. These last can be easily fixed with a proper sealant or if the damage proves to be too much, you could always replace the frame entirely. Cracks and Holes can also exist in the walls and floors of your basement. Even if the cracks are small or minimal water can always find a way in especially if the water pressure is great.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Water weighs a little over 60 lbs per cubic foot and so the natural buildup of water can leak through even the smallest cracks in the foundation. If there has been a long period of rain then the soil can absorb large amounts of water. It is the most common cause of basement leaks and floor water seepage.

Improperly Aimed Downspouts

External sources of water can also be the reason for a leaking basement. One of these is the downspouts. If they are aimed toward the foundation, then they can cause basement floor water seepages.


If gutters are allowed to fill with soil, leaves and other debris then the water will saturate and lead to improper runoff.


Certain house foundations are built in the natural path of water or in a dip where water naturally collects. In addition, the soil around the foundation can often be looser and more absorbent of water and water will go where it needs to go and will build up pressure in and around the foundation.

Clogging Drain Pipe

Should the drain pipe be clogged by soil and other debris the water will be unable to go anywhere else, but into the foundation which will eventually push into the basement by way of the floor wall joint. These are just a couple of the ways in which water can get into your basement, and cause untold damage to property, peace of mind, and health. But there is a solution.

The Sani-Tred Solution


No matter what causes your basement to leaks, Sani-Tred can help! We have helped over 100,000 do it yourselfers and contractors permanently water proof their basements.

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