Why Use SANI-TRED's Waterproofing Products

SANI-TRED revolutionized basement waterproofing by enabling permanent interior waterproofing, preventing water ingress from the outside. The retention of negative hydrostatic pressure by SANI-TRED products remains a topic of controversy. To achieve effective interior basement waterproofing with SANI-TRED, it is crucial to remove existing coatings, paints, sealers, and waterproofing agents for proper penetration and bonding.

Wet basements pose limitations for living spaces, but SANI-TRED provides a solution. By waterproofing basements with SANI-TRED, issues such as mold, fungus, mildew, musty odors, dampness, and condensation can be eliminated. This system effectively waterproofs poured concrete walls, concrete block, native stone, and treated wood foundations, transforming previously unusable basements into comfortable living areas.

Our DIY basement waterproofing system offers permanent protection against flooding. Understanding the effectiveness of interior basement wall waterproofing versus temporary exterior systems is crucial, as the latter may eventually fail and cause damage to valuable finishing materials.

Leakage in residential basements is a common occurrence due to the construction process, involving separate pours for foundation footing, foundation walls, and basement floor slab. Cold joints, resulting from the lack of bonding between new and cured concrete, are inevitable in basement construction.

More Reasons To Use SANI-TRED

Basement waterproofing commonly relies on exterior coatings, but the industry recognizes the persistent issue of wet or damp basements. Contractors typically apply tar or asphalt coatings to the exterior side of basement walls for water resistance. This approach became necessary because, until SANI-TRED's invention, interior coatings couldn't withstand negative hydrostatic pressure. Moreover, applying tar-like products outside requires minimal concrete surface preparation.

The popularity of these outdated systems stems from their affordability and easy installation by basic laborers who quickly apply the tar. However, exterior coatings merely offer temporary protection for the walls, failing to seal interior wall-to-floor joints or prevent water infiltration under the footing and through unsealed joints.

It's no surprise that many waterproofing contractors hesitate to adopt new technologies, despite the inefficiency of exterior waterproof coatings in eliminating groundwater in basements. These systems only aim to reduce water inflow, unlike SANI-TRED's interior system. Interestingly, proponents of exterior systems are often the most critical of SANI-TRED, realizing the obsolescence of their own methods and prompting a reevaluation of their beliefs.


World’s Highest Indoor Basement Waterproofing & Radon Control Testing Results

SANI-TRED holds a virtual monopoly on effective qualities.

In the global indoor basement waterproofing and radon control market, there appears to be great confusion. There are numerous systems and products being sold by major store chains and through the internet to unsuspecting customers for indoor basement waterproofing and radon control that can not work at all and have absolutely no credible history or independent lab testing results that provide evidence that they can do these critical jobs.

Us at SANI-TRED have over 25 years experience, thousands of satisfied customers world-wide along with unprecedented test results that prove SANI-TRED is the only products or system to be effective at indoor waterproofing and radon elimination. We hold a virtual monopoly on these effective qualities.

SANI-TRED has successfully achieved a perfect score in a major university study to retain negative hydrostatic pressure proving that SANI-TRED is over 5 times stronger than required to indoor waterproof your basement and eliminate all problem radon at the same time. SANI-TRED is the only products in the world to be proven to perform at such great success!

The Testing Results That Matter

SANI-TRED obtained a perfect negative hydrostatic pressure test result of 29”Hg for 110 hours and radon elimination effectiveness score of 99% making SANI-TRED the only waterproofing products to achieve at these unprecedented levels normally considered to be impossible!

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