How to Waterproof a Wood Foundation

Your home’s foundation is literally the building block of your home. With a secure, strong foundation, your home will be protected and sturdy for many years to come. Looking around, you’ll notice a lot of homes have concrete foundations that keep them strong and durable. But while concrete is the standard for this part of your home, one material that is often overlooked is wood.

Wood foundations are becoming more common in homes all over America due to wood’s versatility, strength, and durability as a building material. We all know processed wood is a great material for new home construction, but not many think of wood when considering foundation material. Having a DIY wood foundation and basement waterproofing is an excellent alternative to concrete foundations and actually have some advantages over the conventional method. Wood foundations are quicker and cheaper to install, require less maintenance, and help with energy conservation, making wood an interesting choice to consider when building your foundation.

Wood Foundations

While there’s nothing wrong with a conventional concrete foundation, some homeowners find wood as a better alternative to fit their particular needs. We should then learn how to waterproof a wood foundation. A wood foundation is strong, durable, and capable of withstanding regular stresses just like concrete, but it comes with some unique benefits. Wood foundations are more elastic, meaning they can adapt better to weather changes that cause expansion and contraction. This ability to adapt gives you a quality foundation that is less susceptible to cracks and breaking. In addition, wood foundations are also easier to customize. With pre-made forms, wood foundations can be customized after the house is put in place and are easier to repair should foundation damage occur.

Wood Waterproofing and Waterproofing Your Foundation

The key to keeping your wood foundation strong and functional is keeping it waterproof. Just like the rest of your house, your foundation needs to be waterproof to protect it from water-related damage. Instead of faulty rubber membranes, use SANI-TRED® to waterproof and protect your wood foundation. By using the premier liquid rubber waterproofing material on the market today, you’re guaranteeing your home a strong, durable, and long-lasting wood foundation. Build your home on strength, use SANI-TRED® waterproofing coating for wood for a waterproof house foundation.

Learn more about the SANI-TRED system many DIY waterproofing and repair applications.

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    I would like some specific information on sealing wood foundation. the wall will be covered with 3/4 treated plywood and backfilled about 3′.

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