Manhole Sealing Profit Potential

Wholesale Distributors and Applicators Wanted in over 200 Countries World-Wide! There are very few available business opportunities in municipal construction with such a high rate of return.


At a rate of 50 Manhole Chimney Units Completed per Day
Record 68 per Day
Per Three Man Trained Crew
Selling Price Per Unit Installed Completed Units and Revenue Generated
8 hours Per Day 5 days Per Week 20 days Per Month 240 days Per YearProjected Gross Profits
50 250 1,000 12,000 Per Day Per Week Per Month Per Year

The above "selling price per unit installed" represents the high-to-low average for manhole 18" chimneys  in the US in US Dollars. A 24" tall chimney would be priced @ 1-1/2 times, a 36"@ double, etc.