2-Part Epoxy Primer

2-Part Epoxy Primer from Sani-Tred is a liquid epoxy primer that is used for priming non-porous substrates like acrylic, glass, porcelain, granite, marble and even PVC. Perfect for projects where you want the elastomeric qualities of SANI-TRED with surfaces that Permaflex can’t bond to. This easily applied liquid has low odor, low VOC and is free from solvents. It is also non-toxic and non-hazardous. You can use this primer in areas that are frequented by children and animals with no fear that they will become harmed once the epoxy cures.

The best part of this primer is its cure time. It will cure completely tack free overnight in cold temperatures. Priming during the day? Don’t worry. In only four hours, at average temperatures, you will see cured epoxy with no tackiness whatsoever.

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