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Receive a professional finish at an amateur price with the Magic Trowel from Sani-Tred. This trowel was created with the DIYer in mind. The flexible blade, when moistened, glides effortlessly along coating products, creating a flawless finish that you will have to see to believe.

This flexible trowel is available in two sizes: 12″ and 18″. Multiple sizes allow you to choose the perfect blade for the job at hand. Skimcoating floors? An 18″ Magic Trowel is a good choice. Waterproofing steps, decking or tight spaces? A smaller blade may be in order. You may wish to order a Magic Trowel in each size so you can switch back and forth between the blades as you complete your project. You may find that using a smaller blade helps with corners and any irregularly shaped areas while the larger blades help you to quickly finish.

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Sometimes referred to as a coating squeegee, magic trowels are used to create an even surface when applying coatings. These tools are also excellent for using with Sani-Tred products. A coating squeegee is ideal for ensuring a smooth finish on floors, walls, pools and more. We recommend using this Magic Trowel to spread our product evenly.

Using the Magic Trowel is simple and easy too. Make sure to always wet the blade before use. This ensures that your Sani-Tred waterproofing products are even and smooth. When using the Magic Trowel, always spread and smooth in the same direction the product has been applied.

The Magic Trowel is lightweight. At about 1.5 pounds, anyone can maneuver this tool. Better still, a handle can be added to the Magic Trowel for a longer reach. Many DIYers like to use the trowel without a handle for more precision. However, sometimes it is necessary to smooth areas from a distance. Ceilings and high walls are simple to smoothly waterproof when adding an extended handle to the Magic Trowel.

As with all products available through Sani-Tred, the Magic Trowel often ships on the same day the order is placed. You don't have to worry about long waits when it comes to Sani-Tred customer service. Likewise, if you have any questions about this or any other Sani-Tred product, give us a call! Our customer service agents are eager to help you learn about the amazing products we carry.

The Magic Trowel can be returned to Sani-Tred within 14 days of purchase with a return authorization slip. Please note that we do charge a 25 percent inspection and repackaging fee on all products.

The Magic Trowel, available through Sani-Tred, is the perfect flexible trowel for spreading and smoothing Sani-Tred waterproofing products. For a finish that is perfect every time, invest in the Magic Trowel. Do you still have questions about the Magic Trowel? Contact us today!

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