Sani-Tred Advantages Over Other Pool Repair Products

Compare SANI-TRED® to Other Cement Patch Materials and Pool Repair Products

Cracks are formed by movement, this movement may reoccur several times per year. It is considered common knowledge that cement does not permanently adhere to cement though for some reason the most commonly and widely used patch materials are made of cement. All cementitious concrete pool repair have zero flexibility and zero elongation. When this movement does reoccur the crack will reflect through the cementitious material. Knowing this it is obvious that no cementitious material can perform even the most basic pool crack repair or any concrete pool repair because they lack every physical quality necessary in order to create a permanent repair.

There are literally 1,000s of swimming pool crack repair products on the market that can be considered just as ineffective, all you have to do is take a look at the manufacturers’ technical data where they should list the products’ test results.

You Will Find The Following When You Compare SANI-TRED® concrete pool repair products to other Materials:

  • The compared material may be extremely hard and they may claim to withstand negative hydrostatic pressure ... though it lacks flexibility and therefore would be an inevitable failure.
  • The compared material may be extremely flexible yet they do not claim to withstand negative hydrostatic pressure ... that means that it can not permanently adhere; therefore it will be an inevitable failure.
  • The compared material may be claimed as a ‘ one-step’ miracle product. No product or system can possibly be a one-step application and truly remain permanent. In order to permanently adhere, the material MUST penetrate into the substrate NOT just stick to the surface. In order for any material to be capable of patching joints, seams, cracks, holes and rough areas it MUST be viscous or thick enough to cling vertically. If a material is thick enough to cling vertically then it can not possibly penetrate into the substrate in order to obtain a permanent adhesion. This is why the SANI-TRED® system is not a one-­step application.

This is why ‘silicone’ and similar swimming pool crack repair products fail routinely! This is why epoxy coatings, rubber pool paint and all cementitious materials like plaster are all in the same category as ‘temporary maintenance products’ and can not stand the test of time.

Sani-Tred Retains Negative Hydrostatic Pressure

Three unique properties allow SANI-TRED® products to retain negative hydrostatic pressure unlike any other products in the world; Flexible Penetration Technology®, Elongation Memory Technology® and Permanent Flexibility™.

SANI-TRED Unique Qualities

  • Flexible Penetration Technology ®
  • Permanent Elongation™
  • Elongation Memory Technology ®

SANI-TRED Perma­Flex™, (liquid rubber primer and top coating), penetrates deeply into the pores of the substrate, (foundation building material), and produces tiny solid rubber sealing plugs due to Flexible Penetration Technology®. These tiny plugs or sealing tentacles in each and every pore or small crack in the substrate is what holds back and retains ground water pressure before it has a chance to reach the SANI-TRED® coating surface to push it off, en masse, as with other types of coatings. These sealing tentacles work like tiny, high pressure, hydraulic O-rings and one of the unique qualities that allow SANI-TRED® to hold back great
pressure without failure!

Elongation Memory Technology® ensures that when SANI-TRED® products are compressed and relaxed, they maintain their original shape and size preventing distortion of their original shape and size which is a major cause of release of coatings from powerful forces such as freeze/thaw cycles, ground water pressure, vibration and sudden shock.

Permanent Elongation TM provides that SANI-TRED® products never harden or become brittle; they maintain flexibility and only become stronger with age without breaking down as other coatings do. SANI-TRED®  Permaflex™ deep penetrates and strengthens weak concrete or mortar joints which prevent detachment from these types of weak substrates as other coatings are known to do.

No other swimming pool crack repair products on earth can duplicate this transformation, because no other single component coating product may be applied at great thickness like LRB, molecularly bond to themselves and retain negative hydrostatic pressure. Additional advantages are that the coating and repairs remain flexible, are permanently bonded to the surface and will expand and contract with the concrete during temperature extremes to remain water-­tight!

SANI-TRED® is the only waterproofing system that completely seals any pool permanently, no matter how damaged or deteriorated. SANI-TRED® products have repaired many pools that have Been determined by experts as un­repairable with no recourse but to fill in the pool and start over! If you feel that your pool is beyond hope, call or e-mail and we will provide specialized information to solve virtually any pool repair problem.

If an in ground liner­-type pool is constructed with a concrete bottom you can easily and permanently transform and seal the pool using SANI-TRED® products to eliminate the need to regularly replace liners and eliminate UV damage, puncture and lateral leaking problems associated with liner pools.

SANI-TRED® LRB (Liquid Rubber Base), a single component polyurethane product, has the unique ability to cure at any thickness of application without gassing and molecularly bonds to itself new-­to­-old. These chemically unique features, when coupled with SANI-TRED® Permaflex™’s ability to penetrate concrete, creates a waterproofing system which can retain almost sixty times the amount of negative hydrostatic pressure normally found in residential or commercial pools. These are some of qualities of SANI-TRED® products that elevates SANI-TRED® far above all other products in the world in the field of swimming pool waterproofing.

NOTE: For all pool waterproofing installations, where retaining negative hydrostatic pressure is required, it is critical that all “scrim coatings”, old paints, sealers, waterproofing agents etc, must be removed to allow SANI-TRED® products to penetrate and bond to the original concrete surfaces.

Swimmer injuries along with minor abrasions, cuts and bruises are reduced due to the softer smooth surface. Cracked, leaking or damaged pools are easily and permanently repaired, with even major repairs and construction flaws being repaired and hidden by Sani-Tred's versatile and flexible qualities. The need to annually patch and repaint the pool, along with the inconvenience and expense, is no longer necessary with SANI-TRED® permanent flexible bonded repair system. If the original SANI-TRED® surface is damaged, it is easily spot repaired without complete recoating.

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