24 Seg PCD

When your surface coating needs removed, make quick work of it with these 24 Inch Segment PCD Cup Wheels from Sani-Tred. These wheels are made to give you a fast grinding speed for even the most difficult-to-remove coatings.

This PCD diamond cup wheel is a coating removal tool that fits four inch to 5.5 inch grinders. When used properly, the wheel will blast through paint, glue, acrylics, urethane, epoxy and much more.

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PCD, or Polycrystalline Diamond, is made from diamond powder for the most durable, long-lasting coating removal tool. Because the wheel is forged with high-pressure, it has a longer lifespan than most competitors. Dollar for dollar, your investment in this cup wheel will pay off time and again. In fact, just one of these cup wheels will outlast more than 500 abrasive fiber discs. Not only that, but diamond-based cup wheels finish the job quickly, easily and without fail.

Our PCDs work on a variety of surfaces. They will remove soft, hard, thin and thick surfaces with ease. A diamond cup wheel is undoubtedly more expensive, but it is the only tool that can be relied upon for practically any job.

Why Do You Need a Cup Wheel?

Simply put, all coatings must be removed before waterproofing. Attempting to prep and waterproof a surface that has not be cleared of any epoxy, paint or other debris will cause cracking, bubbling, chipping and a surface that is not thoroughly waterproofed. To do the job right, you must start with a clean slate. This is where Sani-Tred can help.

To remove paints, use our Off the Wall Coating Remover. Simply brush or roll on, and then power spray away. Anything more intense requires the use of a grinder. Luckily, our PCDs have shown to remove the surface of a 16 square foot area of hard epoxy in under two minutes. This means a standard patio could be completely cleared of coating in about half an hour.

Once the coating has been removed, brush or rinse away any excess dust. After the area is completely clean and dry, you are ready to begin waterproofing. Start with Permaflex, and then fill in any holes, cracks or seams with a mix of LRB/TAV. Follow up with another coat of Permaflex for a completely waterproof surface that will last a lifetime.

The Best in Customer Service

At Sani-Tred, we work hard to make sure our customers are happy. We ship our PCDs within one day of the order. We also accept returns on all PCDs within 14 days from purchase. We are also available to answer any questions you may have about this or any of our other products. We help to ensure you purchase the correct items. We will even walk you through steps to complete the most common household projects.

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