24 Seg PCD

When your surface coating needs to be removed, make quick work of it with these 24 Inch Segment 24seg_4psd_lgPCD Cup Wheels from Sani-Tred. These wheels are made to give you a fast grinding speed for even the most difficult-to-remove coatings.

Our 5″ PCD diamond cup wheel is a coating removal tool that fits 4″ to 5.5″ grinders, and our 7″ inch fits most 7″ grinders. When used properly, the wheel will blast through paint, glue, acrylics, urethane, epoxy and much more.

PCD, or Polycrystalline Diamond, is made from diamond that has been specially treated with intense heat and pressure to produce the most durable, long-lasting coating removal tool. Because the wheel is forged with high-pressure, it has a longer lifespan than most competitors. Dollar for dollar, your investment in this cup wheel will pay off time and again. In fact, just one of these cup wheels will outlast more than 500 abrasive discs. Not only that, but diamond-based cup wheels finish the job quickly, and easily.

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