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About SANITRED®, we started over 20 years ago with the goal to create the World'sAbout SANITRED First Permanent Waterproofing solution. We have developed the only indoor waterproofing system that completely seals basements and more permanently, no matter how wet or deteriorated. SANI-TRED permanently increases the value of any home with its lifetime warranty. We have served thousands of customers over the years with both big jobs and home fix up jobs.

More about SANI-TRED®, our liquid rubber is the world's most unique, versatile, and problem-solving line of liquid rubber coating systems! Compare our products’ tensile strength with other products in the world. On average SANI-TRED products are over four times stronger than other ‘seemingly similar’ waterproofing products coupled with many more unique qualities and abilities others don’t have which make SANI-TRED waterproofing products superior to the rest.

These unique qualities enable SANI-TRED waterproofing products to be a permanent solution for many types of applications such as: Basement Waterproofing Solution, Problem Radon Elimination, Fiberglass and Concrete Swimming Pool Repair, Basement Flooring, Flat and Metal Roof Coating, Pond and Fountain Coating and many more applications. See What Sets SANI-TRED Apart From Other Waterproofing Products.


Due to unique technical breakthroughs in polymer chemistry, a complete, permanent indoor or outdoor waterproofing and repair system is now available to do-it-yourselfers, and contractors. SANI-TRED offers technology that isn’t available in any other product. Learn More About SANI-TRED Features

Flexible Penetration Technology®

PermaFlex penetrates deeply into the pores of the building materials, then cures as tough as a truck tire therefore it is impossible for Sani-Tred products to ever bubble, peel or delaminate.

Permanent Elongation Technology®

Sani-Tred products never become harder or brittle with age, they maintain their flexibility indefinitely. Sani-Tred products have over 590% elongation!

Elongation Memory Technology®

This physical quality ensures that when Sani-Tred products are compressed and relaxed, drastically stretched and released that they always return to their original shape and size.


Tony Keeping

“Just a short note to say thanks, I used your products last year to seal a crack on 3 sides of my pool. Previously I had tried various other means over a 3 year period but could not stop it; in fact it got worse each year. Up to now the repair has been 100% leak proof. I look forward to another leak proof year.“

D. Carson

“We are using it to repair a few spots on the bottom of our aluminum pontoons that we coated earlier. It has been a lifesaver for the boat.”

Trevor Youwin

“Excellent product, sealed up my leaky basement completely. After a $30,000 quote to excavate, install weeping tile and repair crack foundation. Now 5 years later still dry all for $700 also just did a radon test with acceptable levels.”

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