Portable Torch Kit

Wet concrete can pose a serious problem when taking on a waterproofing project. Do-it-yourselfers may attempt to use fans or rags to speed up drying time. They may even decide to let the concrete dry naturally. Unfortunately, this can take days or longer even in the best circumstances. Wet basements may never completely dry without intervention. This is why every waterproofing job needs a portable propane torch.

Sani-Tred has the perfect solution to all propane torch needs! The easiest way to artificially dry wet concrete is with a propane torch. We offer a model that is portable, easy to maneuver and works with any standard 20 to 30-pound propane tank. The torch is equipped with a flow valve that allows for personal management. It also has a turbo blast trigger that can handle temperatures over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The portable torch kit includes a hard rubber grip for ease-of-use. It also comes with a six-foot hose, metal handle, and a nozzle assembly. The torch does require an additional propane tank. These are readily available and interchangeable! Once the tank is depleted, it is simple to switch the tank and use the portable torch kit on all jobs.

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