SANI-TRED Basic Waterproofing Product Line

SANI-TRED's Product Line Guide tells you all of the necessary info you will need! SANI-TRED products are the coating and sealing materials you've always wanted, thought should exist but could never find them until nowCompare tensile strength with any other products in the world.

All of the products in SANI-TRED's product line are permanently flexible, solvent-free, non-hazardous, non-flammable, odor-free, or low odor which makes them safe enough to allow them to be used in environmentally sensitive locations and shipped easily and  economically virtually anywhere in the world.

The combination of these basic standard SANI-TRED products properly applied to floors and walls allows all surfaces to be joined together in a seamless fashion with no cracks or joints remaining. Check out our SANI-TRED product guide below.


  1. Permaflex (standard stocked color: light gray or light tan) paint replacement product, (used for priming, cures reliably in extremely cold temperatures, top coating, extremely trouble-free, easy to use product)
  2. SANI-TRED LRB (Liquid Rubber Base) odor-free, extremely versatile, (cures at any thickness of application, cures reliably in extremely cold temperatures, never produces gas during curing, molecularly welds to itself new to old, extremely trouble-free, easy to use product)
  3. TAV (Thickening Activator) (to be used only with liquid LRB to increase viscosity to provide thickness of vertical application and uniform curing regardless of thickness of application)


This part of the product line consists of the SANI-TRED PermaFlex. Which is a 1 part, thick, liquid rubber "ULTRA ADHESIVE" paint-like coating. After cure, there is little resemblance to paint. If solid, cured Permaflex could be removed from it's applied surface, it would be in the form of sheets that may be pulled and stretched and is extremely pliable and tough. Two of the most important qualities of Permaflex liquid rubber coating are flexible penetration technology and elongation memory, meaning that it stretches and returns to it's original size and shape. A good analogy of Permaflex is "a roll-on or brush-on swimming pool liner" but with permanently bonded adhesive strength! Try that with paint chips. Permaflex bonds permanently to the surface of all standard building materials. Permaflex is a liquid rubber primer, and top coating, used outdoors or for interior waterproofing that may be poured, or brush applied.

This photos shows a high quality concrete patio block which was coated on one side with red tinted, Permaflex to allow better visual detection of the SANI-TRED microscopic penetration process. The block was then broken in half to show it's internal cross section. Notice the penetration of the red Permaflex throughout the entire block!

Permaflex "deep penetration" "o-ring fingers" seen here penetrating about 1-1/2"

Unlike paint or other types of coatings, SANI-TRED Permaflex is unique due to its properties of an ULTRA ADHESIVE liquid rubber coating with permanent "ELONGATION MEMORY". Permaflex was originally designed and used as a heavy duty, hard wearing exterior, commercial/industrial floor coating. This allows Permaflex to be used where complete waterproofing and extremely heavy traffic usage is expected. Permaflex is so tough it may be regularly cleaned with high pressure, hot water pressure washing.

Normal Application Rate per Coat: (240 sq. ft. per gal on wood or concrete, 300 sq. ft. per gal steel)

Available Container Size

  1. 1 Quart Steel Can
  2. 1 Gallon plastic pail
  3. 5 Gallon plastic pail
  4. 55 gallon steel drums (Call To Order)

Standard Stocked Colors

Permaflex Limitations:

  1. Not to be used as a top coating in pools (as a primer coat only) or where high concentrations of chlorine contact is possible

  2. Never blend water with liquid Permaflex (chemical reaction, foaming will take place)

  3. Never reduce or thin Permaflex with alcohols or any solvent which may contain alcohol (destroys product, prevents curing)

  4. Not to be used for high temperature exposure above 250 ° F

  5. High specific gravity, thick, viscous liquid requires great pressure to airless spray @ 70° F. Best rolled and brush applied or sprayed by high volume air-assist type sprayer.


SANI-TRED LRB is a truly unique product. No other material in the world has all of the qualities and abilities of LRB. SANI-TRED LRB is an odor-free, 1 part liquid that cures uniformly in under 4 hours at any application thickness, throughout its entire volume, (like concrete cures), to form a permanently bonded, solid "rubber" product with the same permanent flexible rigidity of truck tires, "shore A" 65 with 600% elongation. and Elongation Memory.

Liquid LRB has a pot life of about 1 hour after activation with TAV. Unused and non-activated portions of opened LRB containers have a usable shelf life of 4-to-6 months. Use SANI-TRED LRB for filling large cracks and joints or to provide cushioning to floors. LRB can fill and seal virtually any size wall or floor crack. SANI-TRED LRB is available in its natural off-white color, and has a fluid consistency like 90 wt gear oil or liquid "Elmer's" glue.

  • Liquid Rubber Base is used for for heavy filling, sealing used outdoors or indoors for Heavy Duty waterproofing and sealing.
  • Liquid LRB May Be Activated With Plain Tap Water for Solid Cure in 4 Hours to form solid shapes of all shapes and colors.
  • LRB Can Blended with TAV to Produce Heavy Duty, Adhesive, Caulk-Like Mixtures for Filling and Sealing Large Voids, Cracks, Joints and Depressions on Vertical or Inverted Surfaces



TAV is a thick, blue colored, inert, odor-free, paste-like additive specifically designed and formulated to be blended with LRB at a rate of up to but not to exceed 33% or two-to-1 ratio. TAV alters the application viscosity of LRB to adjust the fluidity of LRB from a self leveling liquid for applications such as horizontal floor surfaces to a thick putty or caulk like mixture for vertical or inverted application without sagging, running or slumping. TAV gives LRB great application versatility.

  • LRB is Blended with 50% TAV to Produce Heavy Duty, Adhesive, Caulk-Like Mixtures for Filling and Sealing Large Voids, Cracks, Joints and Depressions on Vertical or Inverted Surfaces
  • LRB/TAV mixture can be distributed using heavy duty zip-loc bags or mortar bags. This gives the convenience of caulking tubes without the high packaging cost. Large zip-loc bags can hold over 1 gallon of bulk mixture.
  • LRB & TAV Adhesive Caulk Mixture Applied at any thickness, cures to solid rubber in 4 hours.

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