Liquid Rubber Base (LRB)

Sani-Tred LRB (Liquid Rubber Base) is an ultra adhesive pourable liquid rubber that can repair virtually any substrate. LRB is self-leveling, remains permanently flexible and cures at any thickness. LRB cures inside of repairs as tough as truck tires within four hours.

LRB (Liquid Rubber Base) can be used on a multitude of substrates when combined with Permaflex. This pourable liquid rubber works great on concrete, wood, aluminum and more. Our customers have used LRB for everything from crack repair to parking decks. Thanks to its scientifically proven formula, it will never blister, peel, bubble or crack. Even extreme heat and cold cannot cause damage to substrates repaired by LRB.

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Many do-it-yourselfers use Liquid Rubber Base to permanently repair swimming pools, fountains, ponds. grain bins, boats and more. Some DIYers use LRB in combination with Permaflex to coat the entire surface of roofs, decks, and parking structures. Others use it for repairs. Any cracks or holes can be easily filled. They will dry quickly and will stay repaired for the length of your structure's life.

Basements that are not thoroughly waterproofed can easily flood, ruining any items that may be stored in the area and keeping you from enjoying this part of your house. LRB can be applied to the basement floors joints and cracks in the wall to keep water from seeping in. Simply cover the surface with Sani-Tred Permaflex first and then use LRB for areas that need a forever flexible repair.

Basement waterproofing is not just for areas that experience floods. All basements need to be waterproofed, simply due to their location underground. Groundwater finds its way through basements over time. This creates mold, must and mildew. The more mold and mildew that is in the structure of the home, the more will appear in the air. This could cause family members to grow ill or simply be more troubled by allergies. With LRB, you can stop this problem before it starts. A basement that is completely waterproofed with our products will never become dank and musty. You can happily use your basement for years to come.

As a repair product, LRB is unmatched with an over 2600psi tensile strength and 590% permanent elongation. The versatility of LRB allows you to use it as a concrete repair product. Rather than ripping out expensive driveways or walkways when they get damaged or cracked, use LRB. Our product is a self-leveling fluid that can be poured into small cracks or mixed with TAV to create a caulk like mixture for larger repairs. It can be used on joints, seams, holes, cracks and much more. It can be applied with mortar bags trowels, putty knives, and brushes. You can even fill molds with thickened LRB to create new supplies entirely made from rubber.

Not sure how to use LRB? Let us help. Whether you need it as a concrete repair product, for waterproofing or for a whole new usage, we can guide you through the entire process. Our website offers simple guides for using LRB. You can also call one of our helpful representatives with any questions about using or ordering this and other products.

Still not sure? Why not give it a try? LRB is available in a mini-sample size set along with TAV and Permaflex. You can try our products in these sample sizes for one low price. If you aren't satisfied with these samples, simply let us know. Our double-your-money-back guarantee ensures that your purchase is protected.

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