Deck Coating & Repair Testimonials

Check out these testimonials on the use of SANI-TRED's deck restoration coating.

“We have a waterfront home that has an overlooking deck. We applied your flooring in 1995 and WE LOVE IT! It has held up in the severest of weather and NOT given us ONE problem. We have had friends and workers absolutely astonished over the way it looks to the way it wears. We are presently extending our deck and have ordered this product again. We highly recommend it to anyone who is building or remodeling their decks, porches, or walkways. It is FANTASTIC!”

-Gary & Sandi Hall | Grove, OK


“We just finished up a 200 square foot balcony demoliton and repair job for a client in a very expensive home. For years they had paid good money to have various “experts” waterproof the balcony floor system. Since I had been in the skylight business for 20 years, I knew that the problem was more than met the eye. Research was needed and Sani-Tred was the answer. After rebuilding the floor system (it was that rotted), we applied the Sani-Tred system over 3/4″ BX T&G plywood. Now, it not only looks great but is as watertight as alligator skin (and as tough!) Since it was our first time using this product, we had numerous questions. The folks at Sani-Tred were patient and helpful. This is a great product and is as good as it claims.”

-Jim Sexton | Atlanta, GA


“First of all, I want to thank you for your expert advice about your products. Everything worked as you said it would. Your products are very easy to work with, and my roof/deck looks great! (My friends are impressed!) I was amazed at the incredible adhesion of the Permaflex. A drop of it glued a couple of pieces of wood together, and when I tried to separate them the wood split but the bond did not let go. I don’t think I will need to worry about adhesion … I also build up a small sample to a thickness of about 3/8 inch, and then took a cut through it to see how well the Permaflex, the LRB, and the Permaflex bonded together. It was impossible to separate them. I think you have a terrific product. I’m also going to do a waterproof, tiled entry. I live under the redwoods, where fog turns into rain – and wooden structures rot rather quickly if they are not waterproofed like a boat. In fact,I will soon be ordering more of your materials because I am having to re-build another roof/deck which rotted because the product I used previously did not stand up to the weather. I feel confident yours will. I should also mention that I completed my job for about $2000, whereas it would have cost me between $7,000 to $10,000 to have the job done “professionally” using presumably similar materials – and the exercise felt good, too.”

-Wes Lukaszek

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