Easy To Apply Do It Yourself Waterproofing Products

SANI-TRED waterproofing products are so easy to use that even a first-time do-it-yourselfer will have no problems correctly sealing their project. Every SANI-TRED project requires four simple steps:

  1. Prep your surface by removing previously applied coatings and sealers.
  2. Prime your surface with Permaflex.
  3. Patch cracks, or surface damage by mixing and applying LRB (Liquid Rubber Base) and TAV (Thickening Activator).
  4. Topcoat surface with a second coat of Permaflex.

Follow our handy online guides for step-by-step instructions on how to use our products. You can even call our hotline for technical assistance and answers to any questions. We also offer sample sizes with a double your money back guarantee so you can try out the product before you commit.

With proper installation, our waterproofing products should never crack or peel, leaving you with well protected concrete. For over 25 years, Sani-Tred has provided over 100,000 customers with excellent waterproofing that has been scientifically proven to be effective.

Permanently Waterproof Your Basement, Pool, Boat, and More With SANI-TREDwaterproofing makeover

Every homeowner knows that water can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. This is especially true in rainy seasons when basements and foundations are most likely to suffer the harmful effects of flooding, runoff and water erosion. Some homeowners resign themselves to the fact that their basements will always be wet and unusable. Others simply cross their fingers and hope damage doesn't get too severe. Sani-Tred knows there is a better way.

The best option in managing water damage is to stop it before it starts. Our basement waterproofing products allow you to permanently seal cracks, gaps and crevices. In one weekend, you can use Sani-Tred's basement waterproofing products to rid your home from any future mold, mildew, or efflorescence that may occur from the presence of moisture. You can keep your belongings from being spoiled by water seeping in. You can once more use your basement as a storage or living space without worry that a sudden flood will destroy everything in its path.

Basements are not the only parts of homes that suffer from water damage. Concrete patios, driveways, walkways and even garage floors can suffer from eventual deterioration. The moisture that seeps in through the ground can cause cracks and scaling. SANI-TRED waterproofing products protect these surfaces and more from water, salt and ice damage, but that's not all. Our sealants also protect these surfaces from oil stains and UV rays. You do not have to resign yourself to a garage floor that will always be dirty and ugly when you use a product that allows you to simply hose or sweep the stains away.

Sani-Tred products are so reliable that they are regularly used by professionals when building homes, installing pools, adding decks and more. They are useful in repairing any structure that suffers from regular contact with water, from decorative fountains to boats. The use of concrete waterproofing from the beginning of a structure's life is the best way to guarantee no damage will occur from any type of moisture. However, sometimes this simply isn't possible. Luckily, SANI-TRED waterproofing products can be applied at nearly any time with minimal effort. This is why contractors, builders and do-it-yourselfers love Sani-Tred concrete waterproofing products.

Concrete is not alone in its war against water damage. Wood decks regularly split, splinter and rot due to the effects of moisture. Even wood that has been treated often has to be replaced, costing unnecessary time and expense to the homeowner. Sani-Tred has answered the plea to a permanent waterproofing solution for wood. Our wood deck sealer adheres to any wood on which it is placed, creating a lifetime bond that will protect the wood against moisture from above or below. Sani-Tred also makes the surface slip resistant and easy to clean. It can be used on flooring, rails, planks, wood benches and more.

SANI-TRED Advantages

  • Waterproof basements, pools, concrete, boats, decks, ponds, and fountains
  • Deep penetration 590% elongation
  • Blocks 99% of deadly Radon Gas
  • Eliminates mold, mildew, and efflorescence at the source

Still not sure? Contact one of our courteous service professionals today. We can answer any questions you may have about SANI-TRED waterproofing and our products. We will help you decide which product works best for your job. We will also help you determine the amount you need for whatever projects you may have. If you prefer to try out our mini samples before you buy waterproofing products, we can help you with that as well.