Silicone Caulk & Joint Fill VS. SANI-TRED®

Silicone Caulk does not have the Performance Qualities and Permanent waterproofing abilities of SANI-TRED®.

  • SANI-TRED® Application Thickness is Unlimited
  • SANI-TRED® Full Adhesion bond  time vs. Silicone is incomparable.
  • Curing Temperature for SANI-TRED® is -65ºF to 120ºF vs. Silicone Caulk 70ºF-77ºF
  • Application Waiting Period for SANI-TRED® is 1 hour vs. Silicone's 7 days!
Suggested Bead Application Thickness
Hours to Full Adhesion
Application Waiting Period
Curing Temperature
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