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Here is a report on the performance of your Permaflex/ LRB system:

We had a leak in the floor-wall joint of an old warehouse that is used to store cement. Four systems were tried to seal it, some of them with expensive brand products, all failing in a few months. To keep the place dry required careful and continuous inspection and regular repairs. It was a tough place to seal.

In 2016 we tried your Permalex+LRB+Permaflex system. And it held up, yes it worked. Yeah, that’s nice, but boring, isn’t it? Why the fuss?  Well, because it held up to the 20+ inches of rain in 150 mph sustained winds that María threw at it in Bayamón, Puerto Rico in September this year! Because it worked in a building where the wind blew out a new pedestrian metal door out of its new metal frame, and where the adjoining property lost walls and roof. And because it kept thousands of dollars worth of cement dry.

And that was after taking a couple of punches from Tropical storm Irma a few days earlier. Good job, Permaflex!

-Jaime Molina Primary Materials LLC.


“The Old Stone Church in Saddle River N.J. dates back to the time of the Revolutionary war. In their educational building, they had a water issue for 30 years that they were unable to solve (the basement of the building is about 10 feet below grade). After cleaning and preparing the cement block, we applied 3 coats of Sani-Tred. The problem was solved and they have not had any water in 3 years.”

John McKeon | Alternative Waterproofing Solutions


“I followed the instructions supplied with the Sani-Tred Product, applied as specified. It was fast, easy, and came out really well. I tell you..this stuff is like flexible iron. They say like the sidewall of a truck tire? Perfect description. It hangs on with an unholy tenacity.”

-Paul | Florida


“My home was built in 1909 with a poured concrete foundation. I am not a contractor, just a homeowner trying to make my basement a livable space. The basement presented me with two water related issues that I needed to find a solution for. Seasonally the water table naturally rises to a level at or above the footers with water finding its way through floor cracks and the wall to floor joint. The second was an issue with the concrete walls “wicking” water producing a flaky effervescence powder and spalling of the concrete. To make matters worse many of the surfaces had been painted over with multiple layers of paint which was failing. I researched many possible solutions and decided on trying Sani-Tred. I divided my project into three “bite size” components since my internal basement walls were also concrete and defined more or less what my floor plan was going to be. Phase 1 was a small room which was going to be my laundry room and my chance to test the Sani-Tred Permaflex product. I read where it was essential for good surface prep so I meticulously removed all crumbly concrete, effervescence, and old paint. I used a Bosch concrete grinder connected to my shop vac that did the job very nicely. The floor was etched with muriatic acid, rinsed and allowed to dry. The Sani-Tred Permaflex product was applied, the LRB-TAV in all cracks and joints, then a final coat of Permaflex. I was instantly impressed with how the product bonded with the clean concrete, this stuff is amazing. The room was then studded and dry walled with no sign of water or moisture problems in the past year. I then completed Phase 2 (family room) and Phase 3 (bathroom) in the same manner. No more moisture, mildew, mold, or effervescence period! I am totally convinced this was the right technology for my situation and I am sure glad I did not go with the common hardware store sealer paints. There is no odor after the Permaflex cures. The colored Permaflex floors are nice enough that we use just throw rugs and it looks very finished. No other product on the market like Sani-Tred and the people at Sani-Tred are very helpful answering questions. The basement is now one of our favorite parts of my home. I usually do not provide testimonials but the Sani-Tred products are really that good.”

-Steve Szmyd | Sheridan, Wyoming


”Staff was very helpful over the phone. Could not have done this project without them. Product was delivered in a timely fashion. Being able to solve my basement wall leak this way saved me thousands of dollars! Thank you!”

-Mike | Marysville, WA


“Always impressed with perma flex. It’s a little secret weapon of mine. We do basement waterproofing.”

-Kahle | West Michigan Waterproofing


“Works perfectly just like the paperwork says stop water intrusion in the basement will use on all other projects for waterproofing thank you!”

-Doug B. | All Done Home Repair & Projects


“I recently purchased a quart of Permaflex to seal a very expensive fountain we acquired “as is” from a local nursery. The fountain was experiencing efflorescence after a month and we want to keep it for a while. The Permaflex was easy to apply and dried in a timely manner. I called customer service a few times with questions about prep and application specific to my project and they were friendly and helpful. We applied rustoleum stone paint and two coats of sealer and I have to say it turned out great and I know it will last generations, I might have to touch up the paint at some point but I know it will never leak or degrade with the Permaflex applied! Thanks Sani-Tred!”



“A little over a year ago I found your product on a wood boat forum and enquired how I may use it to make a 1954 boat with a destroyed canvas bottom float again. My Father’s dream was to fix it up so his grandkids could experience driving a wooden boat. The boat was in dry dock for 25 years and my father has since passed on but I didn’t want to let his dream go. I want you know that I am more than satisfied with the products you recommended for my job and with the results. I have attached a few pictures to show you how well the PermaFlex and LRB covered the old cedar planks and created a beautiful water tight bottom. I was totally amazed that it filled in all the cracks and joints covered the screw and nail heads and still ended up with a smooth look. Thank you very much for your advice, for creating a truly unique and great product, and for helping me get an old boat back in the water again. My children will have years of fun driving around in their little wooden boat!”



“I find that SaniTred is a very reliable product. From its easy application to its incredible ability to resist abrasion and its ability to be a decorative solution on damaged concrete, I have not found anything that can compare. This product and its elasticity properties make it the ultimate crack repair material. I have done thousands of feet with this product and am very comfortable to give a limited lifetime warranty on my installs.”

-P.B. | Kansas City, Mo


“I had researched many different products to repair my basement leaks. I was not really sure if it would work but I was willing to give it a try. I was Amazed, it not only worked and sealed my basement so well – I bought more for my deck and pool area. I am so glad I did. Thank you Sanitred. I will be back to order more for my next project – my boat”

-Mark Shu


“We applied PermaFlex and AL to the decks on our boat last year, went thru winter here in Valdez, AK with record snowfall. Decks look just like the day we left in Oct and NO leaks. This stuff is great.”

J. Burns


“Last spring I purchased SANI-TRED Permaflex to seal my cement silo and cattle water tank. We cleaned the side walls of the tank with a portable electric steel brush. A few years ago we had it sealed with “”Gunnite””, a blown on concrete plaster. This left a very rough surface. We used the Permaflex at a rate of 100 sq. ft. per gallon with paint rollers. We left it alone for several days before filling the water tank. After three weeks it was down only 1/2″ due only to surface evaporation. Prior years it would seep down 6″ in just one week. As you can see we are very pleased with the results. The tank didn’t leak or seep all summer.”

-Hans A. Sulzer


“We are using it to repair a few spots on the bottom of our aluminum pontoons that we coated earlier. It has been a lifesaver for the boat.”

-D. Carson


“I am writing to express my experience with some of your products. I have a 35 year old steel hull house boat. I bought it sitting in the water and when I took it out at the end of the year I have no idea how it was still floating. It had more holes then I cared to count in the hull. I thought I was going to have a lot of welding done to repair all the damage. After getting estimates on the repairs I was ready to send it to the scrap yard. Even if I had the welding done it still needed some way to water proof the welds. So I started looking on the internet for ways to waterproof the repairs. I found your web site and found you had a product to repair the holes also. I was still skeptical so I can to your site and picked it up and talked with your people in person. I had the hull completely sand blasted to bare metal and applied your products. I used the LRB & TAV mix to repair the holes and weak areas and several coats of PermaFlex as the finish coat. I must tell you I! am very surprised with the hole repairs. In the rear bilge area on hole I could stick my fist in the hole it was so big. I layered the coats and it was in the water all season with no leaks at all. I must say until I used it and proved it myself I had my doubts. There is no doubt in my mind you SAVED my boat. I never would of spent what the typical repairs would have been. And another bonus IT LOOKS GREAT TOO!! Thanks for saving my boat.”

-Mike Hotham | Erie, IL


“This stuff is great! Very user friendly and forgiving. It cured tough as nails. Man! I like it! Even someone like me achieved factory like results! I’ll email you some pics of the boat projects when I’m done. Thank you for your help today with my steel boat application questions. I look forward to applying Sani-Tred and LRB on my back deck area. If your products work below the waterline as well as you described, I’m going to nominate you for a Nobel prize. I can’t imagine not having to scrape and grind my boat bottom again.”

-Captain Gerry | Silver Fox Charters


“Just looking at your site again, it’s been awhile. I was pleasantly surprised to see my old boat add for reference. I should have taken close up pictures of the deck, it turned out nice. I even got a free lunch on a bet, “all wood boats leak in rain”. This boat was BONE DRY! Thanks for a great product.”

-Jim Meyer

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