How Much Does Basement Waterproofing Cost?

Water is cool, refreshing, and absolutely necessary for life. However, when water gets into your basement, it causes anxiety. No one wants to live with mold, water damage, and ugly unusable space in your house! The problem is that many options are expensive, and require extensive excavation, or modification of your home. Cheaper solutions often fail, and quite frankly, are temporary fixes that must be reapplied.

On Average SANI-TRED Costs $1.24 per sq ft

How much does waterproofing cost? When compared to exterior basement waterproofing costs SANI-TRED is considerably less expensive as it is applied to the interior walls, eliminating the need for excavation equipment. Tar and plastic placed on exterior walls after excavating often lose their effectiveness by the time walls are backfilled. Read on to learn more on how to estimate waterproofing.

Interior applications and joint fillers often harden to such an extent that they become brittle, crack, peel or flake off. The liquid rubber used in our SANI-TRED PermaFlex product has been determined to last almost indefinitely in a basement-like environment, as it basically bonds with interior walls, forming o rings to fill molecular spaces which expand and contract with the concrete. Surface applications that cost more are not able to achieve the same level of integration as our basement repair product.

Do-it-yourself application of SANI-TRED offers the following advantages:

Our do it yourself basement repair products come with a lifetime warranty and are easy to install. Quickly estimate the cost of basement waterproofing using SANI-TRED with our Instant Basement Waterproofing Cost Calculator. A cost estimate for basement waterproofing with conventional methods is not the only actual cost of the job. Homeowners often receive estimates which seem inexpensive until they learn that the process only lasts until the next rainy season.

Exterior solutions vs. Interior solutions:

Exterior waterproofing projects are sometimes called “positive side” jobs because the aim is to prevent water from getting in the house.

Exterior solutions

  • Excavation: Some contractors install underground trenches or perimeter drains which can be effective if done correctly, but not always foolproof. The downside is that the excavation can cost on average $20-30,000, and as much as $80,000. It also can set you back on your landscaping, and restoring your curb appeal.
  • Sodium bentonite: Many experts don’t recommend this method of using clay to the soil around the home. The reason is, because it’s temporary, difficult to control, and clay can also clog outdoor drains. The cost for this method start around $500.

Interior solutions

  • Drain: This method channels water to the outside of your home through destructive holes or trench in the foundation and used with a sump pump. The downside is that it can be hard to finish a basement with that system. There is also the possibility of condensation and if the sump pump fails, the systems fails. Drainage systems start at around $2,000.
  • Sealants: Many waterproofing experts don’t recommend sealants like Dry-Lok because of how easily they fail, making them basically temporary solutions. The cost of many sealant based waterproofing products are $4-8 a square foot.

Basement Waterproofing Cost Comparison

 20’X40′ Basement With 8′ Tall Poured Concrete Walls

Conservative Costs with other systems  Project Element Other Systems SANI-TRED System
$1,000.00 Exterior wall coating (no digging charges included) Yes NO
$300.00 Sump Pump Yes NO
$200.00 Sump Pump Pit Yes NO
$350.00 Sump Pump Plumbing & Wiring Yes NO
$350.00 “Proper” Downspouts or Gutter requirements Yes NO
$300.00 Interior excavation, concrete cutting, drilling, jack hammering Yes NO
$600.00 Exterior Grading for “positive drainage” Yes NO
$200.00 Gravel Fill Yes NO
$800.00 Exterior drainage system Yes NO
$350.00 Dehumidifier Yes NO
$400.00 French Drains Yes NO
$200.00 Floor Drains & Plumbing Yes NO
$50.00 Plastic Vapor Barrier Yes NO
$500.00 Radon Blowers & Plumbing Yes NO
Electricity, required maintenance, break down failure, possible flooding Yes NO
$9,000.00 Minimum Labor Costs for some of the above (but not all) Yes NO
TOTAL: $14,600
Total Average Cost: Other Systems Versus SANI-TRED System $14,600 $2,095.50

Other SANI-TRED Cost Benefits

Other SANI-TRED Advantages or Bonuses
Exterior Coating which might contaminate ground water Yes NO
Waiting for exterior coating or inspectors to back fill Yes NO
Excuses for flooded basement Yes NO
Problems due to wet, humid, moldy, radon infested basements Yes NO
Unhappy customers due to costs or problems with all the above! Yes NO
Advantages Over Other Systems
Complete, Permanent Control of Water, Humidity & Radon No Yes
Completely Waterproof & Finish Basement Floors No Yes
Lifetime Basement Waterproofing Warranty No Yes
Lifetime Problem Radon Elimination Warranty No Yes
No Ground Water Contamination or potential liability No Yes
Eliminates All Problem Radon (except drinking water)* No Yes
Eliminates Humidity No Yes
Eliminates Fungus & Mold* No Yes
Reduces ground water from entering municipal waste systems* No Yes
Savings on poured concrete foundation over block No Yes
Quick, easy installation No Yes
*Denotes Environmentally Friendly
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