Manhole Sealing Profit Potential

Wholesale Distributors and Applicators Wanted in over 200 Countries World-Wide! There are very few available business opportunities in municipal construction with such a high rate of return. Manhole sealing is very profitable with SANI-TRED®.


Manhole Rehabilitation Cost

At a rate of 50 Manhole Chimney Units Completed per Day

Record 68 per Day
 Per Three Man Trained Crew     
Selling Price Per Unit InstalledCompleted Units and Revenue Generated     
8 hours Per Day5 days Per Week20 days Per Month240 days Per Year Projected Gross Profits
502501,00012,000 Per DayPer WeekPer MonthPer Year
$200.00$10,000$50,000$200,000$2,400,000 $7,500$37,500$150,000$1,800,000
$225.00$11,250$56,250$225,000$2,700,000 $8,438$42,188$168,750$2,025,000
$250.00$12,500$62,500$250,000$3,000,000 $9,375$46,875$187,500$2,250,000
$275.00$13,750$68,750$275,000$3,300,000 $10,313$51,563$206,250$2,475,000
$300.00$15,000$75,000$300,000$3,600,000 $11,250$56,250$225,000$2,700,000
$350.00$17,500$87,500$350,000$4,200,000 $13,125$65,625$262,500$3,150,000
$375.00$18,750$93,750$375,000$4,500,000 $14,063$70,313$281,250$3,375,000
$400.00$20,000$100,000$400,000$4,800,000 $15,000$75,000$300,000$3,600,000

The above "selling price per unit installed" represents the high-to-low average for manhole 18" chimneys  in the US in US Dollars. A 24" tall chimney would be priced @ 1-1/2 times, a 36"@ double, etc.