Thickening Activator (TAV)

SANI-TRED TAV Thickening Activator was specifically created to mix with SANI-TRED LRB. When TAV and LRB are combined, the Liquid Rubber Base transforms from a pourable liquid into a thickened, caulk-like substance. LRB/TAV mixture is ideal for large repairs, vertical repairs, and as a bead along wall/floors joints. This liquid rubber mix can even be applied overhead with no running.

TAV can be added to LRB to the desired thickness. Two parts of LRB to one part TAV will create the thickest usable mixture. LRB/TAV at this thickness is perfect for filling holes, repairing cracks and sealing joints. If you need a thinner mixture, use less of the Thickening Activator. Spray Grade TAV is available for those larger jobs that need a slightly thinner consistency. This liquid rubber mix can be used for roofing and flooring, including applying tiles. The LRB/TAV mixture is waterproof, durable and quickly hardens.

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