SANI-TRED Permaflex allows you to permanently waterproof most construction surfaces, keeping concrete, wood, steel and more protected. Our Permaflex liquid rubber coating is simple to use, safe for the environment and lasts a lifetime.

Permaflex is a liquid polyurethane waterproofing coating. In layman’s terms, it is liquid rubber waterproof product. It can be applied to surfaces using rollers or brushes for small jobs. SANI-TRED’s Permaflex can even be applied with spray nozzles for larger areas. Once applied, Permaflex bonds with the material, creating a rubber coating that repels water and any other liquids. Permaflex makes surfaces last longer. It also makes them easier to clean!

Permaflex liquid rubber coating is ideal for sealing leaky basements. Basements often experience leaks, mildew and mustiness from groundwater. Using Permaflex on a basement keeps that groundwater from seeping in. You can protect your home from water damage and protect your family from mold with SANI-TRED’s Permaflex.

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