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Sani-Tred Tile Prep is a liquid, water-based solution that creates the perfect base for waterproofing masonry surfaces. Ceramic tile, glazed brick, porcelain and more can be waterproofed with the aid of Tile Prep.

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Simple, Easy Application

The process is simple. Apply this product directly to your masonry surface, and then rinse. You do not need to dilute or mix Tile Prep. All you have to do is open the ready-to-use, three pound container and get started! You don't need any special equipment either. This product can be brushed or rolled on. If you have a larger area, you can even pour the product directly on the surface of the tile! All you need to do is spread it out with a mop and wait. The longer it is left on your masonry surface, the deeper it penetrates.

When it is time to rinse the product, we recommend using a power washer for the deepest clean. However, a wet vac, flood rinsing or even a sponge will still work great on your masonry material.

Save Labor for Other Jobs

Waterproofing your masonry is vital for its longevity. Unfortunately, it often takes a great deal of work and effort on your part. That is where a tile preparation solution like ours comes in handy. There is no scrubbing, no rubbing and no scraping. Reserve your elbow grease for other jobs and let our solution to this work for you.

You must first remove any sealers that may be present on bricks or ceramics. You should also ensure no wax coatings or finishes are on the material. These substances may prevent your masonry surfaces from being properly cleaned. Once you have readied the surface, if necessary, our water-based liquid solution does everything else.

Why Use Sani-Tred?

Our proven formula creates a surface that is perfect preparation for waterproofing. It deep cleans, degreases and strips any glazes. It also neutralizes those alkalis that can cause coatings to bubble and peel. With a clean, hardened surface, your masonry will be even stronger than it was before.

One container contains enough product to prep 200 to 500 square feet. We also offer returns on all unopened products for 14 days after purchase.

Avoid Damage with Other Methods

The last thing you need is material damage after a deep cleaning. When used as a tile or brick prep, this product deep cleans without corroding materials. Whereas chemicals that include acids can damage masonry at the molecular level, our product never will.

It is also environmentally safe. While we recommend using rubber gloves and chemical goggles to protect your eyes and skin, you do not have to worry about the environment. Unlike other, harsher tile and brick prep fluids, ours is completely biodegradable.

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