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The Sani-Tred Dust Grabber does much more than collect dust from your clean-up site. Using the Dust Grabber on your grinder helps to create an environment that is better, easier and faster than have every experienced. It works simply, has a lifetime replacement warranty and helps you get the job done without causing surface damage.

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Why Use a Dust Shroud on Your Concrete Grinder?

Our devices are built with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. We know that sometimes you have to cut, grind, sand or otherwise manipulate surfaces before they can be prepped and waterproofed. Concrete grinders are abrasive by nature, but this can create surface damage that then has to be patched and repaired. Our dust shrouds create a chamber around the abrasive of the concrete grinder, protecting it and the surface it is grinding.

Using your vacuum, this dust shroud helps to capture the dust that is generated from the grinder. Our dust shroud captures 99 percent of dust, making cleanup faster and easier. It is also extremely important to keep dust away from tools. Should debris reach the internal motors or the movable gears, your expensive machinery may become damaged beyond repair.

It is also important to use a dust shroud for your own personal safety. Inhaling dust can cause silicosis of the lungs. Sometimes, a face mask isn't enough. Utilizing a Sani-Tred dust shroud helps to keep your lungs healthy, clean and clear.

What Makes a Sani-Tred's Dust Shroud Better?

Other companies sell dust shrouds that seal the shroud to the surface of the grinder. When the vacuum is attached, the shroud may become suction locked. This can cause very expensive damage to your grinder. Our dust shroud is made to allow air to circulate. Using a patented design, the Dust Grabber is never suction locked. In addition to preventing damage to the grinder, this technique prevents damage to surfaces. The air circulation lets the grinder move swiftly over the surface. In fact, the design allows DIYers to get up to 1/16 of an inch away from the wall without any trouble or struggle.

Likewise, this dust shroud from Sani-Tred has a polymer seal that is extremely easy to replace. In less than a minute, users can replace the seal and continue working once again. Our product also has a lifetime replacement warranty.

If I Place My Order Today, How Soon Will it Arrive?

At Sani-Tred, we pride ourselves on fulfilling orders as quickly as possible. Most of our orders are shipped on the same day they are placed. If you are concerned about quickly receiving your dust shroud or any other items from Sani-Tred, give us a call. We will be glad to help you with this and other orders.

Should you find you need to return any items in your order, please be aware that the item must be returned unopened, in its original packaging within 14 days of your order. You will also need to receive return authorization. Be advised, all items returned to incur a restocking fee.

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