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"Although I read a number of testimonials saying that this product was difficult to work, hard to apply, etc., etc. I think that perhaps the writer/user was not following instructions properly, or using the wrong mix method. My application was on a 46′ wooden boat bottom (lapstrake/mahogany hull trawler.) 42 years old. In all honesty? I was tired of scraping, caulking, painting, etc. I contacted the Sani-Tred Support People, who informed me that I had to strip to bare wood. After doing that, I cleaned out the seams, and caulked.

I followed the instructions supplied with the Sani-Tred Product, applied as specified…it was fast…easy…and came out really well. I tell you….this stuff is like flexible iron. They say like the sidewall of a truck tire? Perfect description.

Just read the instructions for the application you are using, mix, and apply as instructed. REMEMBER…it is NOT paint, so you do not apply exactly as such. I’m no rocket scientist, nor a master painter or carpenter….and this stuff was easy….and gave GREAT results."

-Paul G. | Florida


"A little over a year ago I found your product on a wood boat forum and enquired how I may use it to make a 1954 boat with a destroyed canvas bottom float again. My Father’s dream was to fix it up so his grandkids could experience driving a wooden boat. The boat was in dry dock for 25 years and my father has since passed on but I didn’t want to let his dream go. I want you know that I am more than satisfied with the products you recommended for my job and with the results. I have attached a few pictures to show you how well the PermaFlex and LRB covered the old cedar planks and created a beautiful water tight bottom. I was totally amazed that it filled in all the cracks and joints covered the screw and nail heads and still ended up with a smooth look. Thank you very much for your advice, for creating a truly unique and great product, and for helping me get an old boat back in the water again. My children will have years of fun driving around in their little wooden boat!"



"We applied PermaFlex to the decks on our boat last year, went thru winter here in Valdez, AK with record snowfall. Decks look just like the day we left in Oct and NO leaks. This stuff is great."

-J. Burns | Valdez, AK


"We are using it to repair a few spots on the bottom of our aluminum pontoons that we coated earlier. It has been a lifesaver for the boat."

-D. Cason


"Greetings I have applied your coatings to my forty year old fiberglass boat, before it leaked like a shower, it is now BONE DRY! It has been several seasons. I have never used a coating that worked so well. Thanks, your system has saved the old gal from the scrap yard. The non skid surface IS REALLY NON SKID."

- Gary Robertson


cardboard-boat-race-sanitred-big"Hi Sani-Tred and thank you for your time and genuine interest in our cardboard boat building. NewerTech is part of Other World Computing (OWC). OWC is the largest technology employer in the area…so we’ll be quite visible in the race and to the crowd of 5,000 spectators.

According to the boat builder manager, Phil, the approximate size of our boat will be 12 ft. long x 4 ft. wide x approximately 18 inches high. General design is that of a flat bottom johnboat for stability. Here’s a few images to share with your company. The boat stayed afloat and we were 2nd out of multi-person crews. But, we ran the course in 2:30 and needed to be under 2:00. Thanks for the support…hope you like the “theme” as our crews butts did stay dry!

-Grant Dahlke | Newer Technology, Inc.


"I am writing to express my experience with some of your products. I have a 35 year old steel hull house boat. I bought it sitting in the water and when I took it out at the end of the year I have no idea how it was still floating. It had more holes then I cared to count in the hull. I thought I was going to have a lot of welding done to repair all the damage. After getting estimates on the repairs I was ready to send it to the scrap yard. Even if I had the welding done it still needed some way to water proof the welds. So I started looking on the internet for ways to waterproof the repairs. I found your web site and found you had a product to repair the holes also. I was still skeptical so I can to your site and picked it up and talked with your people in person. I had the hull completely sand blasted to bare metal and applied your products. I used the LRB & TAV mix to repair the holes and weak areas and several coats of PermaFlex as the finish coat. I must tell you I! am very surprised with the hole repairs. In the rear bilge area on hole I could stick my fist in the hole it was so big. I layered the coats and it was in the water all season with no leaks at all. I must say until I used it and proved it myself I had my doubts. There is no doubt in my mind you SAVED my boat. I never would of spent what the typical repairs would have been. And another bonus IT LOOKS GREAT TOO!! Thanks for saving my boat."

-Mike Hotham | Erie, IL


"This stuff is great! Very user friendly and forgiving. It cured tough as nails. Man! I like it! Even someone slow like me achieved factory like results! I think you said in spring. I’ll email you some pics of the boat projects when I’m done."

-Captain Gary | Silver Fox Charters


"I have never been so pleasantly surprised to purchase something that was as good or better than advertised. Sani-Tred easy to use and the end result was awesome! A neighbor with a large sea boat came by the day after we painted ours and was pretty excited about our results…wants to do his with Sani-Tred as well. Thank ya’ll for the helpfulness of your staff, and the quality of your product…."

-Frankie Palermo | LA, CA


"I applied your product to the deck of my 19′ bay boat in the summer of 2007. I am kind of a perfectionist when itboat-deck-waterproofing-stuartlandry-big comes to things and I must say that I am very pleased with the results.  I could see right away that your product was much more than a coat of paint even though it applied with a roller. After almost two years I must say your product has held up extremely well.  It is tough as nails and stands up easily to a scrub brush and even pressure washing.  It has given new life to an eleven year old boat."

- Stuart Landry

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