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Today paint is obsolete. Paint, by it’s very nature and limited abilities, is nothing more than a temporary maintenance chore that ALWAYS requires replacement. SANI-TRED PermaFlex is the permanent solution to repair existing wood rot, and prevent corrosion or stop existing corrosion from causing further damage. Waterproof doors and window seals this weekend with the SANI-TRED® waterproof sealant system.

SANI-TRED® PermaFlex™ permanently bonds and covers your steel, wood, and concrete with an “ULTRA ADHESIVE” protective covering of the strongest synthetic rubber in the world, actually stronger than truck tires when fully cured!

SANI-TRED® PermaFlex™ is not just a mere coating or covering, SANI-TRED® PermaFlex™ has unmatched abilities of any other coating material in the world for producing a “PERMANENT, FLEXIBLE, ADHESIVE BOND” that maintains “ELONGATION MEMORY”. This very important and unique property of SANI-TRED® PermaFlex™ is what separates SANI-TRED® PermaFlex™ from any other materials and allows SANI-TRED® to be applied in situations, and solve major sealing problems that were once thought impossible with a coating material; such as,

  • Permanent hydraulic indoor basement leak stoppage, crack repair, sealing & waterproofing.
  • Institutional flooring, providing a solid, soft, flexible, seamless floor surface for restaurant kitchens, nursing homes, and entry ways
  • Cushioned assembly line floors, food processing lines, meat packing & deboning lines, etc.
  • For building & waterproofing inexpensive aquariums, portable plywood water tanks for live bait tanks, fish hatcheries & farms etc. (We make display demonstration water tanks out of cardboard boxes by coating the insides with SANI-TRED®).
  • Permanent commercial/residential textured & slip resistant roof/deck combinations.
  • Slip resistant boat deck and dock areas.
  • Repair, fill, and waterproof rotted or damaged wood or concrete.
  • Tough cushioning and slip resistance for horse & stock trailer floors, horse and animal stalls, and indoor bedding areas for easy clean-up, waterproofing, and sanitation. Kennels, boarding facilities, veterinarian large & small animal handling areas.
  • Industrial fiberglass lay-up die, form and mold coatings for easy repairs and mold assembly & removal.
  • Interior fiberglass boat finishing, boat decks & platforms.
  • SANI-TRED® is an adhesive for strong yet flexible vibration & shock absorptive bonding of wood, concrete, fiberglass, some plastics, steel, aluminum, or any combination.
  • Molding material: SANI-TRED® may be poured & molded to any thickness and has quick and even curing properties, and will cure at temperatures well below 0 degrees F.

If you use your ingenuity and imagination, SANI-TRED® waterproof sealant for windows and doors will solve your special problems in industry, construction, repair, waterproofing, sanitation, environmental protection, liquid & waste containment, safety and liability protection, etc.

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