Foundation Waterproofing

Learn how to waterproof and repair leaky foundations with Sani-Tred.

How to Repair Block Foundation Cracks

Many homes around the world enjoy the benefits and stability of concrete block foundations. Concrete block is a strong, durable building material, which is why it’s used in so many homes. While concrete block foundations are sturdy, they are not without their drawbacks. If you’re looking for a strong foundation material, you’ll be hard-pressed to …

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repair block foundation cracks

Residential Foundation Leak Repair

Recently HC Products of Canada was approached about a mid-century ranch style bungalow with a leaking foundation.  A contractor had placed a concrete walkway around their pool which was unfortunately sloped toward their house. To prevent any water from entering through the brick-to-concrete joint at the pool deck, HC Products applied the SANI-TRED system using …

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Best Basement Waterproofing Product

Waterproofing your basement is a key part of keeping your home dry and fully protected. By keeping your basement waterproof, you’re protecting your home from all types of flooding damage. Water damage creates all kinds of problems for you and your home, including mold, mildew, gradual foundation issues, and much more. To prevent these issues, …

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best basement waterproofing

How to Have a Dry Basement

Basements are a key component of many homes, so keeping them functional is important. One way to keep your basement functional is to make sure it’s completely waterproof. A waterproof basement is the hallmark of a truly functional basement. Like with any type of home improvement, you’ll find a seemingly endless selection of basement waterproofing …

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dry basement

How To Waterproof Concrete

Concrete is found everywhere you look. From small residential spaces to large industrial complexes, concrete is a durable building material that needs to be protected from the elements and other abuses. One major part of protecting your concrete is making sure it’s waterproof. No matter the size or scope of your space, a concrete waterproof …

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how to waterproof concrete
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