Industrial Spray Application Waterproofing

Industrial Spray Application Waterproofing

High Tech, Ultra-Adhesive, Flexible Coating Systems 

We devoted over 12 years to research and development of customized specialty spray and power-extrusion application equipment specifically designed to provide high rate field application of all SANI-TRED products.

We can professionally install all SANI-TRED products at virtually any rate including extremely high gallon per minute rates. Our custom designed high rate hand wands allow 20′ high application from ground level without the need for ladders or scaffolds.

We have developed our own custom designed hydraulic driven pumps with multi-head spray bar systems for coverage of up to or exceeding 40 gallons per minute. Our remote controlled spray bar systems can spray a single or multiple 20′ wide application width at unlimited thickness per individual application pass.

If you have an extremely large application or are in need of extremely high rate of application we have the answer to your industrial waterproofing problems.

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Air-assisted Airless Atomization

Normally airless spraying is generally considered the highest rate of application available but the SANI-TRED air-assisted spraying method is by far the fastest spray application method with much better control. The SANI-TRED air-assisted spraying method can deliver many times more material than airless spraying with lower safe fluid pressures and much better control reducing running and dripping on vertical and inverted surfaces. This allows SANI-TRED air assist gun nozzles to be used advantageously on irregular vertical surfaces or where surface areas are extremely large. Transfer efficiency is higher than a conventional waterproofing spray paint because of the reduced liquid overspray and instant applicator volume control of both air and liquid.

The SANI-TRED air-assisted spraying method affords greater economy of equipment and maintenance due to its high volume low pressure fluid dynamics allowing the use of some of the smallest piston type paint pumps available and converting only the hose and spray gun.

The infinitely variable air volume air atomization and liquid control associated with the SANI-TRED gun and nozzle provides better control over airless by allowing various sizes and typed of spraying surfaces to be sprayed at the proper quick adjustment rate which also reduces product waste, runs, sags, and high volume fluid overspray.

In air-assisted spraying, the fluid is partially atomized with a special nozzle tip similar to the airless system, or then small amounts of compressed air from the face or horns of the nozzle break the resulting droplets into finer droplets. The spray pattern is similar to that of a conventional pressure pot or cup gun paint spraying system except many times the volume. Fluid waterproofing sprayer pressures generally range from 500 to 1800 psi.

Because atomization air pressures are fairly low, the resulting spray pattern of a SANIT-TRED sprayed surface is soft. This results in a fine finish approaching that of a conventional compressed air “cup gun” atomization but with transfer efficiency many times higher than airless spray conventional atomization.


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Grain Bin and Storage Tank Waterproofing

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Waste Water Treatment Tank Waterproofing


High Volume Spray Rubber Caulk Waterstop

Permaflex Primer/Top Coat Spray

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SANI-TRED Caulk Spray and Extrusion

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Primer Spray, LRB-TAV Rubber Stucco Spray, Top Coating Spray


Spray Application of Permaflex on Metal Roof

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