The Pond And Fountain Repair Sealers that Los Angeles California area customers and contractors trust.

Trust SANI-TRED for reliable Pond and Fountain Repair Coatings in Los Angeles, California. Our specialized sealers effectively repair and seal ponds and fountains. With years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, SANI-TRED is the top choice for your pond and fountain repair needs.

SANI-TRED's Pond and Fountain Repair Sealers are versatile, working on different materials like concrete, block, brick, stone mortar, wood, and more. This versatility ensures seamless repairs and reliable sealing, regardless of the surface type.

Choose SANI-TRED for reliable Pond and Fountain Repair Sealers in Los Angeles, California. With our dedication to customer satisfaction and reliable products, we provide effective solutions for the longevity and functionality of your pond or fountain.


  • The only pond fountain waterproofing product that is proven to work permanently.
  • SANI-TRED products permanently adhere, remain permanently flexible, and are waterproof.
  • SANI-TRED waterproofing products are fish and plat safe.
  • The permanent solution for any waterproofing and repair!

Learn more about how the SANI-TRED system can help you permanently waterproof your fountains and ponds this weekend.

Join other satisfied Los Angeles, California customers, and leave pond fountain waterproofing worries behind forever. Call 1-866-784-3308 for expert advice from our waterproofing pros.

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