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SaniTred is a very durable product. We use it on our large deck/ carport cover. First time we applied it was 2009. 23 years old. We have retouched it for cosmetic purposes since the deck is flat and stubborn dirt pockets/ deck rail paint splatter accumulates on a flat surface. In Southern California it really stands up to the sun. Definitely will continue to use this product.
An excellent option for interior waterproofing applications, a very professional and kind staff; Jeanine is awesome, ask for her directly!!
Great company to work with!
Great product and excellent customer service
My installation company has been using this product for decorative concrete coatings since 2013 and we could not be more happy with the results! Floors and basements which have been down for more than 9 years are still holding up strong. The ladies in the office are most friendly and provide the best service. Thank you Donna and Jeanine!
Very informative web site, appears to be an excellent product.
It was a very good experience from the start. Whenever we had a question we contacted the customer service number and Jeanine always answered and was so helpful. Being able to contact the company at any time and always have someone to help was great. She's a great representative of your company and product
I think this is going to be the answer to water coming up between slab and basement wall. All the steps are important so follow the instructions. Easy to apply and low smell. Thankfully, it has yet to be tested but feeling confident
It's my 3rd time using the product, I worded with the elevators company doing Modernization and part of the MOD is Waterproofing the Elevator Pit, the process for of how to apply the products are so easy and was most easy for me to explain to my team for the video that they have in the web page. the service also is so good, I love in Miami and just wait 2-3 days for receive the products
I maintain equipment for a company that makes breading products. We have a silo that holds the flour for our breading that started leaking water through the bottom seam. We tried a product to seal the seam but it failed. Found Sani-Tred online and contact the company about their products. Donna was very helpful, from discussing the removal of the other product to answering all the questions on the application of their product. Sani-Tred products went on easily, covered as advertised and I'm looking forward to no leaks in the silo. Thank you.
Each every order I have placed with Sani-Tred has arrived promptly, and without errors. Jeanine always goes above and beyond to make sure we have everything we need, and are very well taken care of!
The woman that helped me with all my questions and concerns was very patient and knowledgeable about the product. This product, so far seems to be doing the trick
Very helpful customer Service, will return a phone call. They can answer any question about their product. I am DIY homeowner and Sani-Tred products are the “real deal”. Follow instructions and you will be pleased with outcome!
I waterproofed my basement 10 yrs. ago. There has not been any water enter through the walls or floor since! Great product. Prep is important. Follow instructions and no problems....I now need to "brighten things up" and am going to repaint the floor to give fresh appearance.
I have now used their products twice. Once to fully convert a wet basement into a office and lastly a industrial shower stall. Love the products and the technical support that comes with it
We have had multiple transactions with Sani Tred and each time they are very quick to respond, ship the same day and be available should we have a tech question. Highly recommend the product and company.
We have been using Sani-Tred for foundation crack repairs for over 15 years. The products have been extremely reliable, not to mention the customer service is always wonderful!Highly recommend!
This product is amazing. I have used it on 3 different projects and appications. Project 1: Installation of a fountain over a 1" wide crack in concrete foundation. In the past I use mortar for all my fountains which sooner or later would develop cracks and need sealing. This time I used sani-tread for everything as a mortar, crack fill and grout. 3 years and no leaks. Project 2 rental house shower. Floor under the tile shower rotted out and leaked. Instead of doing major repairs I replace floor and sani-tred the floor and up the walls 2 feet. Works great for a rental. Project 3 Repair RV Roof. Just finished this project so still in review but this stuff looks great and made a thick rubber layer. If how long it has stayed on my skin 5 days now. Working all day in the sun and several showers is any indication it will bond to anything. I think it will all come off in another 2 days. Heck two part epoxy usually come off in 1-2 days but not Sani-tred.You get what you pay for. This stuff is great.


My husband passed away. Home improvements do not come easy for me. The application and product were great! The support from Jeanine was so very helpful since I was clueless as to what I was doing. But I expect many compliments on the end result!
- Linda Barletto New Castle, Pennsylvania

- Charlie from Dayton, KY

I highly recommend Sani-Tred. I used it to seal the inside of a cracked septic tank. I simply followed the instructions, and it came out great. Saved me thousands of dollars since I did not need to replace the tank!
- Marc from Mesa, AZ

Products work great and staff is very knowledgeable and helpful
- Stan from Saint Joseph, MI

Pay attention to the instructions. If you do you will have a dry basement that stops water from coming in. I have underground streams running under my basement floor. I waited til the floor was dry and applied this stuff. First coat permaflex to prime. second coat liiquid rubber base at the seams, and third coat permaflex. I have a dry basement now that looks really pretty. Try it, its worth the expense.
- Martin from Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Donna listened to what my problem was then told me what product I should try so trusted her expertise and now my pool looks absolutely fabulous.
- Lee from Kamloops, BC

Fantastic product, refinished a 25 year old pond, no leaks
- James from Lincoln City, OR

Keep Donna on pay roll for sure. If I could I would try to steal her for my company.
- Eli from Carlsbad, NM

My basement went from swampy to bone dry using Permaflex. It is labor intensive but that's what makes it work. I had the pleasure of working with Donna who went out of her way to make sure I had everything I needed. This is the ONLY way to waterproof your basement. I also used the product on the outside of my house to permanently seal the cracks in my stucco walls.
- Martin from Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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