Quick Patch 2 quart Part A & Part B kit


 2 quart -Part A & Part B kit- Quick Patch is a fast-setting waterproof polyurethane concrete repair product that penetrates substrates forming a permanent bond. Quick Patch has an extremely strong 4,750 psi tensile strength allowing Quick Patch to handle extreme pressure without failure.

  • This concrete wall patching compound repairs cracks, chips, divots, spalling, and more!
  • Protects Against Freeze/Thaw Damage.
  • Resistant to Most Oils, Solvents, Caustics, and Acids.
  • Return to Normal Traffic in Minutes.
  • Accepts Most Coatings.
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Quick Patch is a thin fluid that can fix extremely fine cracks, or may be mixed with sand to repair large cracks, chips, pops, spalling, pavement divots, missing portions of concrete, and more.

  • Mix two Parts Together 1:1
  • Mixed Product is Thin Perfect for Small Cracks.
  • Mix with Sand for Larger Repairs.
  • Dries Gray in 15 Minutes.
  • Grind Smooth to Apply Decorative or Protective Topcoats.



Concrete repair without hazardous, toxic, smelly chemicals, that are bad for the environment. Minimal downtime in busy environments like factories.

Non-Hazardous • Non-Toxic • Solvent Free • Low VOC • Low Odor


Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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