12 Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Many homeowners don’t give their foundation enough thought. When you purchase a house, you are responsible for maintaining it. However, when making large investments, foundation repairs are often not the first thing homeowners think about. It is vital to be aware of the signs and symptoms of foundation problems so that they don’t become serious issues. These are signs your foundation needs repair.


1. Cracks in Interior Walls

There are many reasons why cracks may appear in your drywall. High humidity can cause cracks in walls. Cracks can also form from water damage to your roof. These cracks can indicate that your foundation may be uneven if there is no evidence of water damage or insulation problems.


2. Cracks in Exterior Walls

Although interior cracks may occur for a variety of reasons, exterior cracks are almost always an indication that foundation issues have arisen. Bricks and siding can become uneven when the soil moves under the house. The building will adjust to this movement. Look out for cracks in concrete, brick and steps when inspecting your home’s exterior. Long horizontal cracks can indicate a problem with the foundation.


3. Doors for square and uneven floors

After settling for a while, very few homes remain level. However, a door that is out of place or has cracks in its wall should be inspected. Many homeowners have uneven floors. If you spill water on the floor and it rolls in one direction. Also if the floor’s gradient is more significant than 1 or 2 inches per 15 feet, homeowners should be concerned.


4. Doors and Windows Stick!

Are your doors and windows sticking to the frames? This is an indication that your foundation needs to be maintained. These concerns should be addressed as gaps in windows and doors can lead to higher energy bills.


5. Separation of Brick Door Frame/Window frame

If a window or door frame is pulling away from the brick wall, it is a sign that the foundation may be in serious trouble.


6. Rotten Wood – Piers and Beams

Rotten wood on piers and beams can indicate a poor foundation. If the humidity is too high in the crawlspace or basement, termites or carpenter bugs may have attacked the beams or piers. Rotten Wood in Piers and Beams is not a good sign.


7. Bouncing floors – Rotten Wood

Bouncing floors can be an indication of foundation problems. A professional should inspect the floors if they are starting to feel like trampolines.


8. Tile cracks

Tiles that have been fired at high temperatures can be very hard, but they are also quite brittle. Tile cracks can be caused by many things. This could indicate foundation problems if there are too many cracks in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else they might be.


9. Expansion Joint Separation

A concrete expansion joint is used to allow for the movement of the earth and temperature changes, wind, or other factors. Failure of the foundation can lead to expansion joint separation, which could cause cracking. A foundation can also fail if it has an expansion joints that are not working properly.


10. Drywall nails pop out of nails

Although it may seem harmless to see a few nails sticking out of the drywall, it should not be a problem. If it becomes a widespread issue, a professional should be called.


11. Walls Pulling Away From House

If the homeowner notices an exterior wall pulling away from their home, a contractor should be called immediately. The wall could collapse if it isn’t repaired.


12. Leaning Chimneys

Foundation problems could be indicated if your chimney cracks or leans to one side. It is worthwhile to check the foundation if your chimney is showing signs of damage or leaning.

If you have noticed any of these signs that your foundation needs repair it may be time to seek guidance from a qualified contractor.


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