5 More Common Air Conditioner Problems

Air conditioners are the saving grace of long, hot summers. And if you’re going to enjoy the comfort of an air conditioned home, you’ll need to make sure your air conditioner works properly. Those of us here SANI-TRED® want to help you stay cool this summer and not be bothered by common AC problems. We previously compiled a list of 5 common air conditioner problems and now we’re talking about more issues that you should watch out for.

Problem: Air conditioner won’t turn on

If your air conditioner won’t turn on, it could be as simple as your thermostat not being set correctly. Make sure your thermostat is set and power is going to the unit. This will fix most power-related issues.

Problem: Unit not cooling as well

Your air conditioning filter needs replaced every few months for it to function properly. Too many people disregard this and fail to keep a fresh air filter in their air conditioner. While an air conditioner will function with an old filter, units with clean air filters that are regularly changed last longer overall. A clean filter also stops dirt and dust from getting into your home via the air conditioner itself, which will keep your home cleaner.

Problem: Bad placement

Placement of your AC unit is a common problem and is very important for how well and how long it’ll perform. Professionals advise home owners to place the AC unit on the North or South sides of your home so it doesn’t get direct sunlight during morning or evening hours. Also make sure the unit is free of twigs, leaves, or other debris that could block the unit’s ventilation.

Problem: Using the thermostat incorrectly

Using your thermostat seems easy enough; just set a temperature and let it do the rest. But a thermostat is also a tool to help you conserve energy and keep your unit running longer. Make sure to set your thermostat to the exact temperature you want your home to be, don’t try to take the shortcut of setting it to a lower temperature with the idea that it’ll cool down quicker. This uses more energy and is harder on your unit, both of which are ultimately bad for you and your pocket book.

Problem: Wrong size unit

When it comes to air conditioners, don’t fall into the trap of “bigger is always better”. It’s true that larger AC units cool areas quicker, understand that it’s best to get a unit that’s best for your type of home. Buying a properly-sized unit will save you money both in the short and long term. A larger unit in a smaller space will cool the home and then kick off rather quickly. Over time, this rapid on-off cycle will burn out the unit, which will require replacement. A smaller unit in a larger space will take much longer to cool the home, which will require the unit to work much longer and burn out. It’s best to purchase a unit that fits your space to avoid these problems.

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