Basement Waterproofing Systems – Problems

 Basement Waterproofing Systems = Messy High-Cost Expense
Traditional Basement Waterproofing Systems = Messy High-Cost Expense

Many local professional basement waterproofing systems/companies are a franchise of a nationally advertised corporation with a carefully guarded “secret franchised methodology”.  The secret details are only to be known by the local waterproofing contractor and are not to be publicly disclosed (especially to potential customers).

This basement waterproofing system starts with a direct telemarketing lead that is then given to a waterproofing salesman who insists on a visit to your home for a “free estimate”.  This salesman will not give any information on the phone in regards to the details of the so-called “basement waterproofing system” he is selling.

Next comes the free inspection, and the customer is shown a book full of glossy photos of beautifully finished basements. The salesman then provides the estimate, high pressure assurances + scare tactics and a very large contract that is carefully complicated and designed to protect only the basement waterproofing contractor.

Still at this point in time, the homeowner is totally unaware as to what the mystery method of professional waterproofing is actually going to be.  The images of those beautifully finished basements is the only impression left on the mind of the unsuspecting customer.

Reason for Secrecy

Once the contract is signed, the “secret” process begins . . . which typically involves:  tear-out, cutting, jack-hammering or breaking out large amounts of concrete around the entire walls and floors of the basement (actually damaging and greatly reducing the strength of the foundation). Often this can result in as much as 50% foundation strength loss! This breaking out of concrete is done to allow as much outdoor ground water to enter your basement as possible.

An important part of the franchise methodology is that a “patented” shape piece of plastic trim, gutters, rubberized wall sheeting or a combination of all of these things are used to keep the water from running across the floor and redirect all of this incoming ground water to a sump pump pit in the basement and rely on an automatic sump pump to pump and remove all of this water up over 8’ high out of the basement.  In a feeble method to try to control all of the humidity caused by all of this water coming into your basement they sell the customer a large and expensive dehumidifier as a package deal.

Would You Waterproof a Boat This Way?

Imagine waterproofing a boat in this way.  It would be like cutting and breaking large holes in the hull and depending on the bilge pumps to keep the boat afloat. What happens to the boat or basement when there is a storm with a power outage?  No problem . . . that’s part of the salesman’s package, an emergency battery backup.  What happens when there is a bad storm and the battery backup goes dead?  The salesman has an optional generator for sale that will assure everything works perfectly (as long as someone is there and the generator starts and runs and does not run out of gas).  See the pattern?

There is a better and less expensive option!

For years, the Sani-Tred waterproofing method has been a proven solution for homeowners WITHOUT the mess and expense you get with other “traditional” systems.  Learn more about our basement waterproofing system!

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