Elastomeric Coatings

Learn more about using elastomeric waterproofing coating for a variety of home DIY repair projects. SANI-TRED offers elastomeric coating products to help.


Waterproofing Foundation Walls

Your home’s foundation literally supports your home. More than any other part of your home, a strong, sturdy foundation can make all the difference in your home and make it livable. One issue every foundation faces is the threat of water damage. Foundations are at least partially underground, which means it’s constantly under threat of …

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rubber waterproofing

Rubber Waterproofing Solutions

Waterproofing is a necessity for every home and business. That’s a cold, hard fact. If your building is standing, there’s something in or near it that needs protection against water damage. Driveways, garages, parking lots, interior rooms, and more, no matter what you live/work in, water presents a threat. Flooding can do untold damage and …

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heavy duty floors

Heavy Duty Floors

Industrial environments require more than many other spaces. While a decorative design may look great in commercial or residential spaces, they simply won’t do in an industrial environment. Industrial floors need to be functional, protective, and extremely durable. Because of these stringent requirements, less durable floor coatings simply will not do in an industrial environment. …

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