Waterproofing Foundation Walls

Your home’s foundation literally supports your home. More than any other part of your home, a strong, sturdy foundation can make all the difference in your home and make it livable. One issue every foundation faces is the threat of water damage. Foundations are at least partially underground, which means it’s constantly under threat of water encroaching. The best foundation protection method is to make sure it’s waterproof.

There are seemingly endless options for foundation protection. Unfortunately, not every method works as well as intended. External waterproofing methods like rubber liners require excavation or need to be installed while the house is being built. Even then, even the best rubber liner can be made pointless with one tear. As soon as water gets through that tear, the entire liner will need to be replaced. Worse than that, other systems actually allow water to pass through your foundation and only act to drain the water out afterward. That’s like taking the locks off your doors, it makes no sense. Ultimately, the best way to protect and waterproof your foundation is with the superior protection of SANI-TRED’s foundation waterproofing product.

The SANI-TRED® Solution

SANI-TRED® is the perfect solution for your foundation protection needs. SANI-TRED® is an innovative rubber waterproofing system that coats and protects your home’s foundation with unmatched durability. Using a three-component system, SANI-TRED® primes, patches, and seals your concrete foundation, keeping water out and preventing future water-related problems. By choosing SANI-TRED’s foundation waterproofing product, you’re ensuring that your foundation will be protected from water permanently, something rubber liners, French drains, and sump pump systems cannot claim. If your foundation needs protection, and it probably does, SANI-TRED® is the foundation waterproofing product for you. Protect your foundation with the best product on the market today.

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