Learn to identify and solve moisture problems in your house.

Hidden Causes of Water Damage

There are many hidden causes of water damage in your home, which can be a huge problem. Water can lead to all kinds of bothersome and expensive repairs, something no one wants. Because of this, homeowners take special care to keep their homes free of excess water to prevent the damage it can cause. It’s …

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Steam Room Mistakes

Home steam rooms are gradually growing in popularity. Once thought of as a luxury reserved for the extremely rich, a home steam room is surprisingly affordable and easy to install. More and more homeowners are installing these rooms for the added health benefits, the relaxing environment, and even to add value to their homes. But, …

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Common Uses for Vapor Barriers

A vapor barrier is a plastic sheet placed between the layers of a wall to protect against vapor transmission and protect the interior of a structure. Why use a vapor barrier? A vapor barrier is a crucial part of any home trying to keep harmful moisture out. By blocking vapor from entering your home, you’re …

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