Concrete Waterproofing Membrane

concrete-waterproofing-membraneWaterproofing is a crucial part of protecting many concrete surfaces. From driveways to patios, keeping your concrete waterproof is extremely important. There are many waterproofing products on the market, but not all are as effective as you need. Literally hundreds of coatings and rubber membranes can be found in home improvement stores and online, but choosing an actually effective method is key.

One popular option for basement waterproofing membrane is a rubber membrane. A concrete waterproofing membrane is used on the outside of many home foundation walls as a means to keep water from entering your basement. These foundation waterproofing membranes are essentially large rubber sheets that act as a barrier between your home’s foundation and the groundwater trying to get in. Concrete waterproofing membranes are often installed when a home is built, but are susceptible to rips, tears, and holes. These imperfections cause the entire membrane to fail, which allows water to make contact with your foundation, leading to leaks and eventual flooding. Replacing a concrete waterproofing barrier involves excavation, which is incredibly expensive. While these membranes are popular, they are not without their drawbacks. To effectively waterproof your basement, you need a product that is easier to apply, more affordable, and more durable. You need SANI-TRED®.

The SANI-TRED® Solution

SANI-TRED® is a revolutionary liquid rubber and coating system that effectively waterproofs all types of concrete. This liquid rubber membrane is applied to your basement’s walls and floor to protect your basement from the inside. Instead of relying on inferior rubber liquid waterproofing membranes, you can waterproof your basement with the superior protection of SANI-TRED®. Our three component waterproofing system protects, repairs, and waterproofs your concrete while offering incredible durability that is second to none. Protect and repair your concrete basement, garage floor, driveway, and more with SANI-TRED®. If your home needs a liquid rubber membrane that effectively waterproofs your space, SANI-TRED® is the product for you.

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